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How To Use Weapon Variants in Halo Infinite?

Bored with the same weapon skin, then try out Weapon Variants with cool effect. Here is how to turn it on?

With ample powerful guns to try out in Halo Infinite, something new is added to spice up things. That is Weapon Variants, a way to try out old weapons in a new style. Halo Infinite Weapon Variants are locked and they will be turned on via settings. In this guide, I am going to help you with the same. Ony certain guns will support this feature.  For example, S7 Flexfire, MA40 Longshot, BR75 Breacher, Convergence Bulldog, etc are the weapons that come with Weapon Variants.


How to Unlock Weapon Variants in Halo Infinite?

Halo Infinite Weapon Variant


You will have to turn on certain options in-order to unlock Weapon Variants. Below are the weapon settings. Just turn them on and you can the pickup weapons variations in the game. You can then apply the same while playing the game and enjoy really amazing effects.

  1. Go to Custom Game > Mode Editor.
  2. Go to Sandbox.
  3. On the right turn on the following settings under Weapons: Weapon Racks/Placements, Power Weapon Pads, Weapon Pickup & Weapon Dropping.

By turning on the following option you will be able to try out the Weapon Variants for the following weapons. Here is the list.

  • Convergence Bulldog
  • MA40 Longshot
  • S7 Flexfire
  • Rapidfire Pulse Carbine
  • Volatile Skewer

To find the variants keep playing. Yet it is not clear that how the variants will be dropped in the game. We are going through it in detail to figure out the same and will re-update this guide. Currently, Weapon Variants are only available on the offline servers and in fiesta mode. It is unclear to an extent if the same will be introduced to the online multiplayer mode also. Players can have hands-on most players during the campaign mode. They are unlocked via drops.


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