How To Build Walls In Sons Of The Forest

Build strong walls to protect yourself in Sons Of The Forest.

Knowing how to build walls in Sons of The Forest is crucial and will keep you safe. In this survival horror, you’ll find yourself on an island with minimum resources. To add to the problem, the island is infested with man-eating mutants who’ll attack you at every chance they get. So building a strong base where you can rest and store resources should be your priority. And what’s a base without strong walls to protect it? So in this guide, we will tell you how to make walls in SoTF.

How to Build Walls in Sons Of The Forest

How to Build Vertical Walls in SoTF

Building a wall in SoTF is easy but it’ll take a lot of time. You’ll have to start by collecting wooden logs. To do so, head over to any tree and start chopping it down. If you are planning to build a bigger base, then you’ll need loads of logs. To collect them faster, make use of your AI companion Kelvin. Once you have enough logs, carry them to the start point of your wall.

To build a wall in Sons of The Forest, press the E key to take a log in your hand. Then, look at the ground and you’ll see a circular outline and two prompts. Press LMB to place the log in the ground. Then, continue placing the logs in a line to form a wall. Note that if the outline is red, then you won’t be able to place the log on the ground. So make sure you create an outline around the base to check if you can place the logs.

Build a Horizontal Wall in SoTF

Build Horizontal Walls

You can also build a horizontal wall in SoTF. To do so, instead of placing the log on the ground, click RMB. This will give you a horizontal outline on the ground. Then, you can press the Q or R button to rotate this outline and hit LMB to place the log. Then, carry two more logs and place them vertically at the edge of this horizontal log. Then, stack the logs on it to build a horizontal wall. You can also cut an opening on this wall to create a doorway.

That’s all from us on how to build walls in Sons of the Forest. While you’re here, make sure you check out How to Defend Your Base with Defensive Walls in our SoTF section.