How To Build A Suspension Bridge In Sons Of The Forest

Cross any pit or river with a trusty Suspension Bridge in Sons Of The Forest.

Are you looking for ways to build a Suspension Bridge in Sons of the Forest? In this survival horror game, you can craft impressive buildings and structures with resources found on the island. These structures will not only help you traverse the island but also keep you safe from its dangerous inhabitants. One such structure is the suspension bridge and we will tell you how to build it.

How to Build a Suspension Bridge in Sons Of The Forest

Suspension Bridge structure
Image Source: Quick Tips on Youtube

To build this structure you’ll require two items:

  • Logs
  • Ropes

Talking about the logs, you’ll need a lot of them. Your AI companion, Kelvin, will help you collect them faster. As for the rope, you’ll find it in places like enemy camps, caves, beaches, and some other locations. Once you have the ropes, you can move on to building the actual structure. Find a suitable place for the bridge and place all the resources there.

To build a Suspension Bridge in Sons of the Forest:

  1. Place a log horizontally on the ground.
  2. Then, place two logs at the ends of the horizontal log.
  3. Now, put a single log horizontally at the top of this structure to create a frame.
  4. Fill the gap with other pieces of logs.
  5. Once done, place two logs on either side of this wall.Place logs on either side to build a frame
  6. Then, look between them and cycle through building options till you find an outline that looks like stairs. Once you find it, hit LMB to craft stairs.

    Create Stairs for the Bridge
    Image Source: Quick Tips on Youtube
  7. Then, go to the other side where you want the bridge to end and create the same structure.
  8. Now, climb down and take a rope in your hand.
  9. Look at the structure till you see an arrow pointing to the other end of the bridge. Once it’s there, hit LMB.Place rope on one side of the bridge
  10. Now, walk to the other end and look at the top of the structure, and hit LMB twice to connect two ropes.
  11. Once you do this, climb the structure and look between the ropes till you see two horizontal arrows.How to Make a Rope Bridge in Sons of the Forest
  12. Hit LMB once the arrows appear to place the logs.
  13. Continue placing logs till you reach the other side.
  14. And Voila! Your Suspension Bridge is ready for use.

With this simple understanding of the bridge structure, you can build new and abstract designs for your own bridges.

That’s all from us on how to build a Suspension Bridge with a rope in Sons of the Forest. For more such content like How to Build Walls, make sure you visit our SoTF section.