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How To Build A Silo In Stardew Valley

Need a place to store all your hay? Here's a quick guide to building a Silo.

Stardew Valley is a calm and unassuming game where you play as a young budding farmer who takes over their late grandfather’s rundown farm. The game gives you the time and space needed to calmly organize your farmland, mine for items and minerals, and make lasting friendships with the town locals. An important part of farming is building a Silo for storage and here is a quick guide on how you can build one in Stardew Valley.

How to Build a Silo in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley build silo
To build a silo you will require some key materials.

  • 100 Gold: Gold can be made by various methods, with farming and selling your crops being the most efficient.
  • 100 Stones: Stones can be found in the mines by breaking rocks with your pickaxe.
  • 10 Clay: Walk around the world looking for tiny clumps of worms on the ground, these can be found more frequently on beaches and till the spot for clay.
  • 5 Copper Bars: To make Copper Bars you’ll need to build a Furnace. Make your way to the mines and scavenge for copper ores, go back to your cottage, and rest. Clint the blacksmith will then show up at your doorstep the next morning with the blueprints to build your very own furnace.

Once you have all the required materials make your way to the town carpenter Robin. Start an interaction and select the Construct Farm Buildings option. Scroll till you see the Silo and click on the build, this should transport you to your farm where you can choose where you want your Silo to be built. Once the location is confirmed Robin will take 2 in-game days to complete it and your Silo will be ready for use.

That’s all there is to build your own Silo in Stardew Valley. Check out our guide on How to catch sandfish and other Stardew Valley guides here on Gamer Tweak.