How To Get And Build Ancestral Forge In V Rising

Here is all you need to do to get and craft Gloomrot Ancestral Forge in V Rising for repairing ancient shattered weapons.

Secrets of Gloomrot expansion has introduced many interesting and unique mechanisms and zones, including the Ancestral Forge crafting station of V Rising. After this new update, players have been confused about where to start and what to do to get or unlock things like Ancestral Forge and Radium Alloy. Also, how level 57 Raziel the Shepherd is related to this all. If you are dealing with those questions, check out this guide and learn all you need to Know about Ancestral Forge.

V Rising: How to Get and Craft Ancestral Forge

V Rising Ancestral Forge Crafting

Ancestral Forge is a crafting station that has to be built using a blueprint, Iron Ingot, Primal Blood Essence, and 8 Radium Alloys. You obtain its blueprint by defeating level 57 boss Raziel the Shepherd. Raziel is found in the Dunley Monastery. He truly believes in Light and is the head of the structure. The place is protected by divine light, so you must prepare a resistive item like Holy Resistance Potions. Raizel is comparatively easier to defeat than other bosses of near level. So it wouldn’t take much time for you to finish him and get a V Rising Ancestral Forge blueprint.

Once you have collected the blueprint, you will need other items like Radium Alloy, Primal Blood Essence, and Iron Ingot. Radium Alloy can be looted from the newly added area Trancendum Machine Factory and the Trancendum Power Plant. As for the third ingredient, Primal Blood Essence, you craft them using 4 Exquisite Hearts or 12 Greater Blood Essence. The last item, Iron Ingot, is refined from Iron Ore in Furnace. After collecting all the required resources, follow these steps to craft V Rising Ancestral Forge.

  • Press B to open the Menu.
  • Choose Crafting and Select the Ancestral Forge.
  • Now, place it on the empty spot and restore ancient shattered weapons.

You can now repair broken legendary weapons in Ancestral Forge of V Rising. If this guide was informative and helpful, read our other V rising articles like how to forge floor and craft empty Glass Bottles.