Here’s How To Build A Roof In Palworld

Here’s how you can perfectly Build a Roof in Palworld.

While Palworld offers a great building experience to its players, you might occasionally face some trouble with it. Getting the Roof settled in the right place is among one of those issues. Several players could not find the perfect angle to place it in the right direction. It is actually quite frustrating as snapping the roof on the top of the house is a nightmare.

So to help you with that, we will explain how you can build a Roof in Palworld. Starting off from the basics to getting it placed in the right spot, we have got everything you need to know.

Note: At the time of writing, Palworld is in Early Access so you can expect such bugs and problems to pop up.

How to Build a Roof in Palworld

First of all, you will need ample Wood to build Roofs for your house. For one normal or Slanted Roof, you will need x2 Wood. Once you have collected that, enter the Build Mode and select the type of Roof you would want to place on the top. Now, the only job left is to find the perfect angle to snap in the Roof. To do so, you will have to try placing the Roof from several angles.

How To Build A Roof In Palworld

Surprisingly, it came to my notice that a Slanted Roof fixes perfectly next to another one (refer to the image below). So you can try putting a Slanted Roof as a bridge, stand on it, and then place a Roof on the top of the house. This should mostly do the job.

After building the Roof successfully in Palworld, you can destroy the unnecessary ones by entering the Disassembly Mode. This will help you to get back the Wood you used for building them.

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This is how to build a roof and save your character from the Rain and Wind. You know what helps? Healing and Reviving your Pals in Palworld. For more information like this, stick to us right here at Gamer Tweak.