How to Pass Time in Palworld (Change Night to Day)

Prefer to work during the daytime and want to skip forward to it in the day night cycle? Here’s how to make it happen.

Palworld has a day-night cycle that you have to work around – build your base, collect resources get some crafting done during the day, and let your Pals and yourself get some rest during the night. You can also go exploring with your trusty hand-held Torch because you will encounter different Pals at night, but if you want to pass time in Palworld and change from night to morning quickly, you need a bed. Here’s how to skip time easily in case you don’t want to do anything in the darkness.

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How to Pass Time Quickly in Palworld

First, players will have to build a Shoddy Bed for themselves to skip time until morning. The resources you need for this are x20 Wood, x5 Fiber, and x1 Wool.

  • How to get Wood and Fiber: You can collect Wood and Fiber by attacking trees nearby. Use a Wooden Club or a Stone Axe to get it done efficiently.
  • How to get Wool: To get Wool, attack a nearby Lamballs. Apart from this Pal, Cremis and Melpaca will also drop Wool when you attack them.
how to build bed for passing time
image credit: WoW Quests on Youtube

Once you have all the materials, open up your Technology tab and unlock the Shoddy Bed. As you’ll see in its description it’s a human bed which also restores your HP when you sleep in it. Also note that you cannot sleep unless it’s built under a roof, so, your next plan of action will be to get a roof next.

To get a roof in Palworld, you need the Wooden Structure Set which is for building a base using Wood. This will allow the building of wooden foundations, walls, ceilings, stairs, and other things needed for a house.

how to build a roof in palworld for a bed
image credit: Gamers Heroes on Youtube

If you have x2 Wood, unlock this Set from Technology and use the Build Menu to set a Wooden Foundation, some Walls/a Wall with a Window, as well as a Wooden Roof.

how to get a roof in palworld for bed to skip time
image credit: Gamers Heroes on Youtube

After creating a little home, you should be able to place a bed inside to sleep and pass time in Palworld easily.

Now that you know how to go from night to morning in the game, here’s how to catch the useful Pal Cattiva that will run off as soon as you try to get close.