BTS Heardle App Link – How & Where To Play

How to play BTS Heardle and what are the rules of this song/music guessing game similar to Wordle? Here's everything you need to know.

To say that BTS has taken the world by storm is an understatement. Now, with Wordle also achieving worldwide fame and many clones of the concept coming out – a music-based game called Heardle has appeared. It’s where players get a limited number of chances to guess a song only by hearing the first few seconds of the intro. If you’re a BTS fan and were wondering how would you fare in a BTS Heardle, check out what you need to do!

How to Play BTS Heardle (Link)

Here’s how and where to play this BTS-themed song-guessing game and the rules for the same:

BTS heardle app link

  • Head to which is the official link of the BTS Heardle website. You can access this website on PC as well as mobile devices.
  • You get 7 chances to guess the BTS song of the day.
  • For the first guess, you need to read the lyrics (shown in English and Korean) and see if you can guess the song’s name. You won’t hear a part of the song just yet.
  • After that first guess, you can listen to the snippet of the song. It will be pretty short but if you are well-versed with their songs, you will guess it immediately, especially if it’s one of their highly popular tracks.
  • Note that if you skip, you can listen to more of the song snippet.
  • Once you are ready to guess, type it in the text field, click on the song suggestion, and hit Submit.
  • Players who manage to guess correctly in the fewest attempts, get bragging rights and prove themselves to be hardcore fans of BTS! You can choose to share your results on Twitter with fellow ARMYs too.
  • Like Wordle, there’s a new song to guess every day and the discography of this group is pretty massive, so you won’t be running out of songs any time soon.

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