How To Breed & Hatch Eggs In Temtem

Here's everything you need to know about Breeding and Hatching Eggs in Temtem.

The key to winning battles in the game is to have the best & powerful Temtem by your side. However, if you’re a newbie and don’t have many powerful creatures on your team, then hunting is not the only option. Looking for Temtem might take a while but you can always visit the Breeding Center and try to obtain new ones there. If you don’t know how to Breed creatures & Hatch Eggs in Temtem, then go through the article below and you’ll be good to go.

How To Breed & Hatch Eggs in Temtem?

How To Breed & Hatch Eggs Temtem

In order to breed the creatures in Temtem, here’s what you’ll need to do.

  • First, visit the Breeding Center by heading to Superior Omninesia. Not all players can access the Breeding Center, there are some requirements, that you need to fulfill to visit it. Players can only access it if they’ve taken the Narwhal Airship to the Myrishes after defeating Arsissola Dojo Leader & Sophia.
  • After you’ve reached the Breeding Center, go on and provide 2 of your Temtems to the man on the left of the counter. Only hand over the creatures you’d like to breed.
  • The breeding process might take up to 5 minutes if the creatures are of the same evolutionary breed. If you’ve provided different breed Temtems then it might also take around 10 to 25 minutes.
  • After the process is done an Egg will appear on the counter. You’ll also be notified when the breeding is finished. Now it’s time to hatch the egg, which might take up to 5 to 45 minutes (Depending upon the creature’s rarity).

Note: Players can only breed creatures if they have 3 or more than 3 Temtem’s in their team.

This is how you can Breed and Hatch an Egg in Temtem. Before you start breeding the creatures, there are some things you should know which will surely save you time.

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Things to Know

There are some things you should know before you Breed & Hatch Eggs the Temtem.

  • The game doesn’t allow the player to breed the same gender Temtems.
  • And when it comes to compatibility, the creature can only be bred when they share at least one type, such as Wind or Water.
  • The result of the egg is always based on the type of species the female is. So it means the male species will not affect the outcome of the offspring.
  • For those who don’t know, Fertility can be identified by the leaves icon located on the top right corner of the creature’s profile. Each bright leaf is counted as 1 fertility (Fert).
  • This brings us to the most important part where many players make mistakes and end up with a low fertility Temtem. We recommend you only breed the highest number of fertility creatures. That’s because the child inherits the least number of fertility from the parent. For ex, if you have a Loali with 3 fert and a Wiplump with 6 fert, then the child will inherit 2 fertility subtracting the breeding fert.

If you’re wondering what’s more the offspring will inherit from their parents, then scroll down and you’ll have your answers.

What does Hatched Temtem Inherit from the Parents?

Here’s a list of all the qualities hatched Temtem inherit from their parents.

  • Techniques – Only the hatched Temtem’s acquire the attacks, heals, and several moves from their parents. Players cannot hunt and obtain these types of creatures.
  • Traits – The Traits of the creatures cannot be inherited from the parents, the game decides it randomly. However, if you have the required items, only then you can have the desired trait for the offspring.
  • Luma – Luma works similarly to Shiny Pokemon in this game. The chances to hunt this type of creature in the wild are close to impossible. However, if you’ve managed to get one then you can always breed it with other Temtems. But if only 1 parent is Luma then the chances to inherit the same offspring are also pretty rare. The guaranteed way of obtaining one is only when both of the breeding parents are Luma.
  • Fertility – As mentioned earlier, the hatched Temtem only inherits the least number of fert from less fertile parent.
  • Single Values – The stats of the creature are based on the parents but the quality of it is generated randomly. For your reference, we’ve listed all the chances of inheritance in the article below.
    • 20% chance of inheriting Lower Single Value from the parent.
    • 40% chance of inheriting Average Single Value from the parent.
    • 40% chance of inheriting Higher Single Value from the parent.

This is all you need to know about how to Breed & Hatch Eggs in Temtem. While you’re here check out how to Fast Travel in the game.