Temtem: How To Fast Travel

Learn how to Fast Travel using four ways in Temtem.

Temtem is a massively multiplayer creature collection game wherein catching and taming various creatures is possible. The game is similar to Pokemon but offers players a comparatively bigger island. Also, there are multiple regions on this floating island of the Archipelago. Sometimes, it becomes tiringly boring to travel across these regions. In such times, it is possible to Fast Travel using certain ways on the map. Here’s our guide that features all the ways using which you can Fast Travel in Temtem.

How to Fast Travel in Temtem

There are four ways that can be used to quickly travel from one location to other in this game.

 Fast Travel Using Smoke Bombs

How to Fast Travel in Temtem

Smoke Bombs make it possible to fast travel all the way back to the previously visited Temporium or Mini-Temporium. However, if the Temporium is located in a different region, then they’ll be Teleported to the Airship Terminal in the current region. This is not counted as an ideal way to fast travel in Temtem as the movement to go anywhere is restricted. Moreover, a Smoke Bomb can be obtained from Briçal de Mar Temporium, Arissola Temporium, The Gifted Bridges Mini-Temporium, Sillaro River Mini-Temporium, Turquesa Temporium, Nanga Temporium, Mokupuni Mini-Temporium, and The Hangroad Mini-Temporium for 120 Pansuns.

Fast Travel Using Temtem Mounts

Fast Travel in Temtem

As you have a decent progression in Temtem, you’ll be able to obtain some mounts. These mounts are Temtems, however, they do now own any space in the Squad. These mounts allow you to Fast Travel in the game without getting interrupted by any other Temtem. There are currently two Temtem Mounts available in the game:

  • Minox Seed – This mount gets unlocked after the completion of the Ride the Minox quest.
  • Classic Scooter – This mount gets unlocked after the completion of the Gotta StickTem All! quest.

Fast Travel Using Airships

Fast Travel in Temtem

Narwhal is the Airship in the game that allows you to fly across islands. To unlock it, you simply have to complete the First Steps and the Adventure in the Myrisles quests. In order to Fast Travel using an Airship, you have to unlock the islands. Moreover, there’s nothing to worry about because you’ll eventually unlock them as a part of the storyline. Also, use the Airships Dock to board Narwhal and Fast Travel through the unlocked islands in Temtem.

Fast Travel Using Matter-Transfer Drone

Temtem Fast Travel

This is the best and the fastest way to travel in the game as you can directly teleport to any Temporium using this gadget. Moreover, it gets unlocked after completing the Refrigerated Vanishings quest. Further, keep in mind that you have to unlock the transfer points to teleport through them.

These are the four best ways to fast travel in Temtem. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Temtem guides.