How To Breed Blabbit In My Singing Monsters

In this guide, we walk through the breeding combinations to obtain Blabbit in My Singing Monsters.

My Singing Monsters has a widespread variety of monsters like Gobbleygourd, Ghazt, Blabbit, and many more that you can breed. In this guide, we give you a specific breeding guide for Blabbit. So follow the steps mentioned below and get yourself a freakishly cute Blabbit!

How to Breed Blabbit in My Singing Monsters?

blabbit breed

It is pretty simple to get Blabbit in My singing monsters. To get this monster, follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly, you’ll need to have Scups and Spunge.
  2. In order to breed a Blabbit, head to the breeding structure.
  3. Here you’ll have to add one Scups and one Spunge.
  4. You may not get a Blabbit on the first try.
  5. In fact, you might even get a rare Blabbit or a rare Toejammer  among other potential monsters.
  6. Keep breeding both Scups and Spunge since they’re currently the only breeding combination that can grant you a Blabbit.
  7. Furthermore, you can even add one rare Scups and one rare Spunge to the breeding structure to get a Blabbit.
  8. On the occasion that Babble is available for purchase and you don’t want to breed, you can purchase Babble for 225 diamond in-game.

blabbit breeding

If you’re uncertain as to what you need to breed to get Spunge and Scups, we’ve mentioned their breeding charts as follows:

To Breed Spunge:

  • Toe Jammer and Dandidoo.
  • Quibble and Potbelly. 
  • Oaktopus and Tweedle.

To Breed Scups:

  • Fwog and Tweedle.
  • Quibble and Noggin.
  • Cybop and Toe Jammer.

Moreover, to add to the aforementioned breeding charts, you can even get Blabbit, Spunge, and Scups through accidental breedings. Accidental breeding means one of the monsters involved in the breeding directly gets its resultant self as the monster. For example, Breeding a Scups and a rare Scups could land a Scups- who was already one of the monsters involved in the breeding. We hope this guide helped you. Now that you know how to breed Blabbit, what other monsters do you intend to breed? While you figure that out, here are the best MOBA mobile games you must play!