Brawl Stars Matchmaking Explained – How It Works

The matchmaking for Brawl Stars has taken a turn for the worse after the recent update and players can’t understand how they are getting matched. If you have the same query and have been facing players with high levels and trophies, then you need to check out below.

According to Supercell, Solo matchmaking is based on your selected Brawler’s Trophies, and to a lesser extent, your total Trophies. This is designed to protect less-skilled players from matching with well-seasoned players. However, the opposite is what’s going on in the real

What’s Going on with Brawl Stars Matchmaking?

Brawl Stars Matchmaking Explained How It Works
Image Source: Supercell

Although Supercell claim that the Brawl Stars matchmaking system is created to protect less-skilled players from the veterans, it’s not how things are going on right now. Players have reported that the trophy range for matchmaking is pretty uneven and the ones who are at the bottom of the range are facing the brunt force of having to match with the top ones.

According to this support article from Supercell, this is how matchmaking works in the game. While other factors will come into play while matchmaking, it seems that players are facing the brute end of the stick. There are numerous players who have faced the issue of being matched with better players. Sadly, there is no fix to this matchmaking issue except waiting for a better update which will improve the matchmaking of the entire game.

While it won’t be that useful, players can contact Support and report this issue. If enough players are reporting on the issue, they might make changes to matchmaking in Brawl Stars.

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