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Chrono Cross: How To Beat The Boxer Bros

Wondering how to beat the Boxer boys in Chrono Cross? This guide will help you out and also let you know the different rewards.

The Boxer Bros or the Boxer Boys are a unique type of enemies that you can beat in Chrono Cross. Unlike the usual enemy if you attack the correct one they give you a reward. And that is not all once you get the reward the battle ends on the spot. But if you pick the wrong chest you end up battling them. So in this guide let us learn whether you should fight or steal from the Boxer Bros in Chrono Cross Remaster: The Radical Dreamers and their rewards.

How to Beat the Boxer Bros in Chrono Cross


chrono cross remaster the radical dreamers boxer bros
Image Credit: Demonhope on YouTube

You can beat the Boxer Boys in Chrono Cross by hitting one of the two. If you hit the correct one you get rewards but if you are wrong then run away and wait for them to reset. Once they do try again until you beat them. You can find them at Viper Manor and they can be recognized by their treasure chest-like looks. They battle in a party, the goal is to hit the one which has a reward in it. Since there are two of them there is a 50/50 chance of you either receiving a reward or ending up battling them. Let us learn about these enemies.

  • Big Boxer: Looks like a big treasure chest. It commonly drops AeroSaucer and rarely drops ElectroJolt. And if you steal from it then you get Heal as a common steal and Dancing Shoes as a rare steal.
  • Li’l Boxer: It appears like a small treasure chest. You can commonly steal Heal and rarely steal ElectroBolt from it. As for its drops, it commonly drops IceLance and rarely drops Meteorite.


So to sum it up, fight them if you want AeroSaucer, ElectroJolt, IceLance, or Meteorite. Steal from them if you want Heal, ElectroBolt, or Dancing Shoes. And if you pick the wrong chest the run.

That covers everything you should know about how to beat the Boxer Bros or Boxer boys in Chrono Cross Remaster: The Radical Dreamers and the rewards you can steal or get as drops. Since you like playing this game I also suggest you check our other guides on how to get copper, how to open the locked door at Viper Manor, and all skelly bones locations.