Chrono Cross Viper Manor Locked Door – How To Open?

Check out our guide on how to open the locked door at Viper Manor in Chrono Cross.

After more than two decades, the remastered edition of the game, Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers is finally out. As you break into the Viper Manor, you will encounter some dragons that need to be fed. Viper Manor is home to Acacia dragons and a lot of trap doors. After you feed 10 of these dragoons, you will receive the key to the Manor. As you proceed, you will come across a locked door inside the Manor. So, here’s our guide on how to open a locked door at the Viper Manor in Chrono Cross.

How to Open Locked Door at Viper Manor in Chrono Cross?

  • Once you have reached the locked door, go closer to the golden statue of a snake. Interact with it to turn the knob with numbers.
  • You need to turn the knob a right amount of times to unlock the door. But turning the knob incorrectly will spiral you downwards into a cage.
  • Now that you are imprisoned, you will find out three guards around the cage.
  • Upon interacting with them, these guards will open the cage to teach you and your friends a lesson.
  • Then, you disguise as the three guards and proceed through the Viper Manor.
  • If you take to exit the cage by taking a right, you will encounter several enemies. But taking a left will lead you to Glenn who keeps on forgetting the codes for the door.
  • As you take a left, go to the first room to enter Glenn’s room.
  • Go closer to the wall and interact with it.
chrono cross viper manor locked room
Image Source – EscoNitz on Youtube.
  • There will be a message that states “This week’s code“. It is turning the knob 7 times to the right and 3 times to the left.
  • Return to the locked door at Viper’s manor to turn the knob correctly and unlock the door.

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