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Borderlands 3 Make Money Fast Guide – Top Strategies To Earn Cash

Time to get rich

Money is required to buy Upgrade in Borderlands 3, and upgrades are not cheap. From Marcus you can buy additional ammo slots for your weapon, slots for banks and backpacks. Ammos are essential in battle, you will never be in the reload-loop if your weapon has max ammo. So in this Borderlands Money Making guide, you can learn how to earn some cash instantly. I am going to add the top strategies you have to remember while playing Borderlands 3, use them frequently to fill up your wallet and unlock new upgrades.

Best Strategies To Earn Money In Borderlands 3


There are a few simple things you have to do to get some good cash in less time. And these are always possible while playing the game.

1). Side Quest: Yes play side-quest whenever possible. It is the best way to explore the new world of Borderlands 3 and with that earn some hard cash. There are rewards at the end of every side-quest which is good enough to unlock upgrades or get some items through Prize Rooms. So do not miss the side quest.

2) Sell Weapons: Some weapons can reap high cash, and for this, you have to loot everything. But there is one limitation if your inventory slot is low then you cannot store everything. You have to increase your Backpack Slot or Bank Slots by purchasing upgrades. Just kill and loot everything and sold everything to the nearest vending machine. Fast and quick way to make money in Borderlands 3.


3) Unlock Every Safe: This is a little time-consuming job, but if you can unlock every safe wherever you are, it is a free way to get cash. Safe’s spawn randomly in the game and can be around the corners, behind objects, etc. You can get items, weapons, etc through them that you can sell-off. Some of them also offer ammos. So keep looking.

4) Complete Main Missions: After completing every main mission in Borderlands 3 you will get some cash in the end. Try finishing every mission to stack up some good amount of money to spend on the purchase.

We will keep adding fresh tips to this Borderlands 3 Make money guide. Till the time have fun playing.