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Borderlands 3 Guide How To Upgrade Backpack – Carry 40 Items

Increase Backpack above 15 item slots

Borderlands 3 brings tons of loots, as you travel and unlock new region you will gather many items but due to the Backpack limitation, you can only carry around 15 items at a time. But there is a way you can carry more items in Borderlands 3, for this you have to upgrade your Backpack and in this Borderlands 3 guide, I will show you the exact way on how to upgrade the Backpacks and carry more items in Borderlands 3.

How To Increase Backpack Capacity in Borderlands 3


At the beginning the Backpack allows fewer items to carry, and to add new items you have to drop a few or sell everything from the inventory. That is the only way during the beginning of Borderlands 3 to carry items. The good thing about Borderlands 3 is that it will not make you wait long to upgrade Backpack, it will start soon after a few initial levels.

To upgrade backpack in Borderlands 3 you have to progress enough to reach around Level 7 or 8, probably after you get the space ship after Taking Flight mission. This will happen after you are done with the mission on Pandora. After reaching the space ship you will have to help Marcus to put down the fire by shooting the valves which will release water. Meet Marcus and you will see some SDU’s on the big screen for sale. You can buy them with cash, this will allow you to upgrade your storage, ammo, backpack, etc. For each upgrade, you will have to pay an amount, below is the list of the Backpack upgrade cost.

Every single Backpack upgrade purchase will give three slots, to max 40 you buy from Marcus in Borderlands 3. It starts at $1000 and till you reach m 40 you have to pay around $2,187,000. So that is a pretty high cost for the max upgrade, but do not worry you will also earn enough money while playing Borderlands 3.


Marcus is your vendor who will sell a ton of upgrade for weapons ammo to explosives to backpack. You can read our guide Every Upgrade Cost In Borderlands 3 Guide to know how much you have to pay to upgrade SMG, Grenades, Pistol, AR, Shotgun, Sniper, Bank, Rocket Launcher, Lost and Found and Backpack. You can also read our guide How To Make Money Fast in Borderlands 3 to earn a good stash of cash to buy all the upgrades.