FF16 Bomb King Location (How To Find & Defeat)

Hunting down Notorious Marks for rewards? Check out our guide on the location of the Bomb King & how to defeat him in Final Fantasy 16.

The Bomb King in Final Fantasy 16 is one of the monsters that players will come across on the Hunt Board. It is a B-rank level 33 beast that players can defeat and get their hands on various rewards including the Bomb Embers. To hunt down the monster players will first have to start the Weird Science side quest in the game. Although players can have a hard time locating these beasts as they are scattered all across Valisthea. Check out this location guide for Bomb King to help you find & defeat the notorious beast easily in FF16.

Where to Find Bomb King in Final Fantasy 16

find bomb king in final fantasy 16

Once players activate the Weird Science side quest in Final Fantasy 16 they can head toward the Hunt Board and talk to Nektar about Bomb King. After which you can take a look at the board and find out the details about the monster. The location is said to be The Crock in the Holy Empire of Sanbreque. Players can then fast travel to the Dragon’s Aery Obelisk located east of Northreach and Clareview. From here go south until you reach the Imperial Chase area after which head towards the left of the gate. Players will come across the Bomb King inside old ruins in the area.

Like other beasts in his category, the Bomb King too is one of the tricky enemies to locate and face in Final Fantasy 16. Though most of his magic attacks are avoidable, you should be more aware in the second half of the fight. Here is how you can defeat the monster in the game:

How to Defeat Bomb King in FF16

defeat bomb king in final fantasy 16

Once you come across the location of Bomb King in Final Fantasy 16 get ready for a fiery battle. Players will have to keep a safe distance from the Bomb King as he can deal extensive damage up close. At range most of his magic attacks are avoidable and it also gives room for you to attack accordingly. You can easily dodge away from the fireballs while using side steps when he lunges toward you. After you have dealt enough damage, the monster will start using these additional two moves that players should be aware of during the stage:

  • Coronation: You will see the Bomb King getting engulfed in Flames after which it will attack Clive with a fireball. Dealing with this attack at a range will help you dodge it successfully.
  • King’s Justice: In this move, the Bomb King will summon more enemies exactly like him to attack Clive. You can attack and deal damage to them or wait for the time to pass as they will self-destruct. Make sure to keep your distance when they do.

The Bomb King attacks are very slow and players can easily defeat the monster while keeping their distance and learning the move sets. It is worth mentioning that the beast doesn’t have a Will Gauge so you won’t be able to Stagger him in the battle. Players can make easy 20 Renown & 9000 Gil on defeating the monster. Other drop rewards include Bomb Embers which can be used as crafting material in the game.

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