Zelda TOTK The Blue Stone Quest Guide

Here is how to start the Blue Stone Quest and find Blue Stones for Ledo in Zelda TOTK.

Side quests in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom are usually meant to be short and easy to complete. But that is not the case with the Blue Stone quest. You will be tasked with finding a rare stone that is located in the cave. Ledo, the Zora, will ask for your help as they’re too heavy for him. So, how can you help Ledo get the Blue Stone he’s looking for? This guide has the answer. Here is how to find and complete the Blue Stone quest in Zelda TOTK.

Where to Find The Blue Stone Quest Location in Tears of the Kingdom

blue stone location in zelda totk

To start the Blue Stone quest, you will need to head to the northern end of the East Reservoir Lake in TOTK. Here, you will find Ledo at the end of the pier. Talking with him will start the Blue Stone side quest. He will point to a cave that has the stones he’s looking for. But to get there, you will need a boat. Luckily enough, you can build a boat from the materials at the pier itself.

How to Complete the Blue Stone Quest in TOTK

build boat to get blue stones totk

If you look closely, there will be two Zonai Fans and a Steering Stick on a broken pillar near you. But first, use your Ultrahand ability to bring the floating wooden plank onto the pier. You can then use Ultrahand again to attack the Zonai fans and Steering Stick on the wooden plank to build a Raft.

Now, to complete the Blue Stone quest, you will have to turn left from the pier and head to a small cave entrance below the cliff. This sea cave is called the Reservoir Lakefront Cavern. Keep going until you reach the part of the cave where you can see Blue Stones. Alight from the boat, and use Ultrahand to bring it to the shore.

Now, use Ultrahand again to pick a Blue Stone and place it on your raft. All you have to do is take the stone back to Ledo which will complete the Blue Stone quest in Zelda TOTK. As a reward for your trouble, Ledo will give you a Blue Zora Fabric.

That’s everything covered on how to complete the Blue Stone quest in Zelda TOTK. We hope that you found the answers to your questions. If you want to know of the latest tips and tricks, shrine guides, puzzle solutions, and boss fights, then head to our Zelda TOTK section.