Blox Fruits Fighting Styles Tier List

Tier list of all Fighting Styles in Blox Fruits ranked from best to worst. All styles have pros & cons - choose the best one for your requirements!

Your fighting style in the game determines how you fight and it provides a unique gaming experience compared to another player having a different fighting style. It’s a way to grind or play PvP and there are 12 Fighting styles available in the game at the time of writing. Here’s our Blox Fruits Fighting Styles tier list that can help players pick their favorite one.

Note that these are our personal opinions and may greatly differ from yours. But if you are just starting out and don’t know which one you should go for, this list will give you an idea.

Blox Fruits Fighting Styles Tier List 

As you might already know, the best Fighting Styles will be added in the S tier and the worst ones will be in the D tier. And of course, A is better than B which is better than C. This list includes the styles you can get in the early game as well as end game ones which are more fun and powerful.

S Tier >Sanguine ArtGodhumanDragon TalonElectric Claw
ATier >Sharkman Karate   
B Tier >SuperhumanDeath Step  
C Tier >Water Kung FuDragon Breath  
D Tier >Electric Dark Step  
blox fruits fighting styles ranked

Why these Blox Fruits Fighting Style Rankings?

Sanguine Art is a vampiric based fighting style that boasts some of the highest damage potential in the game, especially against unsuspecting foes. It’s great for grinding and raids due to its long range and lifesteal ability. Plus, it has good combo potential as well. It’s hard to get but once you have it, you will have one of the best Blox Fruits fighting styles available.

Godhuman is in this tier because of its combo potential. It blasts enemies with devastating energy attacks, making it one of the highest damaging styles in the game. From close-quarters combos to ranged attacks, Godhuman adapts to any situation. However, it has a steep learning curve and so, will take some time to master.

Dragon Talon is an upgrade from Dragon Breath due to its high damage. Plus, it has big hitboxes, AOE damage and is easy to aim as well. While it lacks mobility moves, if you master it, you will be a formidable enemy to others.

Electric Claw provides powerful damage, combo potential and is good for Buddha users. As the name suggests, you can unleash lightning strikes, slashes and dashes that leave enemies shivering in fear. It also is a level up from Electric which is why we have placed it in its tier.

Once you have decided which Fighting Style you wish to get, you can talk to the relevant NPCs at their locations linked below. Keep in mind that your Mastery and Melee stats will play a role in how powerful your Fighting Style is.

Your experience with a Fighting style also depends on your personal playstyle and which specific one you are most comfortable using. Every advanced fighting style has its own pros and cons. Try them out and pick the one you are ready to stick to.

That was our Blox Fruits Fighting Styles tier list. If you are curious to know our opinions on our rankings of the Best Blox Fruits as well as Races, here’s where you will find them.