Blox Fruits Best Races Tier List 2024

Here are all the best races in our Roblox Blox Fruits Race Tier List.

Blox Fruits can be considered one of the most played games in Roblox. It gets constant updates, new tweaks, and lots of love from the player base too. With different races in the game and different powers associated with them, players may be confused about which one to settle for. Because it’s not really easy to reroll and get the class you want unless you are spending some Robux, fragments, or completing special tasks.

So today let’s look at all the best races in our Roblox Blox Fruits Race Tier List.

Blox Fruits Race Tier List

For this list, we are using our personal opinion. Every player might have their own favorite race. So please keep in mind this is just our perspective on all race versions & powers. With that said, here’s our Roblox Blox Fruits Race Tier List:

  • S+ Tier: Fish Race
  • S Tier: Cyborg Race
  • A Tier: Ghoul Race
  • B Tier: Mink Race
  • C Tier: Sky Race
  • D Tier: Human Race

Blox Fruits Races Tier List

Fish Race (Best in our Blox Fruits Tier List)

Fish Race gives both awesome transportation and protection buffs. Once you get the v3, it becomes better than Sky Race and combining it with Dragon transformation, you get a beefy tank character now. Its sea walk is pretty useful in escaping while your health is low, but it’s now unique to this Race. There are other ways to get Sea Walk for other races. That makes this ability pretty much useless. But we managed to play very well with Fish Race. And it become our favorite pretty soon, so we are granting it the top position on this tier list.

Cyborg Race

With a really good defense and energy conservation, this race works well for long battles. Also, Energy Core is very useful in putting a distance between your opponents, surviving combos, and even dealing extra damage in combos. But since the last update in ‘Update 17 Part 2’, players have figured out ways to break your Energy Core protection.

Ghoul Race

Second fastest Race in the game, right behind the Mink. But this can only be used during nighttime. You can pair life leech well along with Buddha. But life leech won’t be available on swords. And steps you need to get this Race is time-consuming, so go for other Races unless you really want to get this one.

Mink Race

Mink is considered by many players as the best in YT comments & Reddit. But for our playstyle, we find the above races better than Mink. But Mink is still the fastest race in the game right now. And their Dashing is really helpful while running away from bounty hunters too. An overall good pick for any new player.

Sky Race

Skypians as the players call them are a fantastic race for Raids with their Skyjump ability. But it still costs energy. If it was similar to Mink’s dodging, Sky Race would have gotten a higher position on this tier list. Still, this ability is useful in many situations. And when compared to Humans, I would pick Sky Race.

Human Race (Worst in our Blox Fruits Tier List)

The easiest race to get in the game with an 80% rate. They have no special defense nor any speed buffs. Your best bet is to lower the health bar for special damages, but it doesn’t play out well in both PVP or PVE. Still, they have their own merits. They are not bad in the game, but since this is a tier list, we have to rank them lowest when compared to others. No offense to players who believe this Race should be ranked higher. This is just how it worked for us when we were playing the game.

That’s all about all the best races in our Roblox Blox Fruits Race Tier List. If you are enjoying Blox Fruits, then make sure to check out our other guides like how to get to the third sea (Sea 3), how to store fruits, how to get swan glasses & and more, right here at GamerTweak!