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Elden Ring: Bloodhound Knight Darriwil Location & How To Beat

Here's our guide that explains how to beat the Bloodhound Knight, Darriwil in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring has a plethora of bosses for players to fight and defeat. Some bosses are optional while some bosses are unavoidable. You have to defeat the unavoidable ones to proceed into the main questline of the game. Bloodhound Knight Darriwil is an optional boss you will encounter in the Limgrave Region. Although it is an optional boss, you will have to fight him during a questline in the future. So, here’s our guide on how to beat Bloodhound Knight, Darriwil.


Where to Find Bloodhound Knight Darriwil (Location)

You will find him in the South of the Limgrave region at Forlon Hound Evergaol. Once you reach there, find a blue platform and interact with it. Select Yes and enter the Evergoal to teleport to his location. You won’t see him right away when you reach the location. You will notice a purplish ray of light. He will spawn as soon as you get closer to that light.

How to Beat Bloodhound Knight Darriwil in Elden Ring?

You have to defeat this boss solely in combat. That is because for this fight you can neither use summons nor call other players to your aid. You can call the Wolf Knight Blaidd’s summon only if you are proceeding through that questline. Darriwil does not speak or taunt any words unlike different bosses during the combat. That might be because of his determined focus to kill his opponents.

  • If you want to beat Bloodhound Knight Darriwil, you will need to keep a long distance from him.
  • You will also need armor and shields for defense. One of the other things you will require is a summon of Blaidd.
  • While you cannot summon any of the spirits, if you proceed through the questline you can get some help.
  • The summon will also help you in distracting the boss during combat. And it is a far better choice to get his help rather than take him alone.
  • As he spawned out of nowhere, you may have realized that this boss can teleport.
  • Darriwil’s attacks will have Hemorrhage status effects on you. So, keeping some of the stanching boluses can come in handy.
  • You can also increase your endurance points to resist his damage.
elden ring beat bloodhound knight darriwil
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  • Most of his attacks will be close-ranged. So, dodge his attacks and switch to defenses for the start.
  • You can fight him multiple times without worrying about respawning as there is a Site of Grace nearby.
  • As Darriwil is extremely fast you need to dodge his attacks at a perfect time.
  • He will bait you into dodging early so that he can damage you with combo attacks.
  • You need to observe his patterns and look for openings. Keep on moving constantly and be prepared when he teleports closer to you.
  • You can use Reduvia Blood Blood for shooting projectiles from a safe distance.
  • He can either delay or cancel his attacks based on the combat.
  • The key is patience and analyzing his attacks. Mentioned below are some of his attack patterns that we analyzed.
    • Forward Sword Slash 3-Hits: He will wield his sword and come forward to swing his sword three times. If you manage to dodge all his three hits, you can hit him once.
    • Ground Slam: He will jump upwards and slam into the ground with an impact nearby. You can either run or dodge to avoid this attack.
    • Backward Sword Slash: This is a two-hit attack where he will backflip after the two hits. You can counter this move by dodging backward.
    • Overhead Sword Slash: It is one of his slow and mid-ranged attacks. He will hold his weapon in the upper direction, you can dodge towards his direction for a counter. You can also parry to evade this attack.
    • Following Overhead Slash: Once he had attacked an Overhead slash, he will follow you through to damage more. Just like the previous counter, you can dodge or parry to counter this attack.
    • Dash and Zap: As the name suggests, this is an attack where he teleports and dashes close to you to attack. Once he is in close range, he can damage you with any of his attacks. It’s an unpredictable move, so be ready when he teleports and dashes towards you.

You will receive a reward of 3800 Runes and a Bloodhound Fang for defeating him. Start with defense and conclude the fight by analyzing and observing all his attack patterns.


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