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Horizon Forbidden West: Can You Block & Parry?

Trying to block your enemy attacks but always end up taking hits? Check out this guide to learn if you can block or parry in Horizon Forbidden West.

Many new Horizon Forbidden West players are looking for a way to block enemy attacks. Blocking is a good way to avoid getting hit in any game. And some games even allow you to parry your enemy attacks. Parrying is an even better mechanism as it stuns or weakens your enemy in most games, provided that you time it right. So without further ado let us check how to block and parry in Horizon Forbidden West, also learn how to avoid enemy attacks.

How to Block in Horizon Forbidden West

how to block parry and avoid enemy attacks in horizon forbidden west

You cannot block in Horizon Forbidden West. As sad as it is, the combat mechanics in this game work different. Blocking is a common mechanism you can find in games like Dark Souls, the Legend of Zelda, and more. But those games provide their protagonists with some form of shield. Many games also allow you to lock onto your enemy when taking fights. But the one feature that is common with the other games and this one is the ability to roll. You can press the circle button in Horizon Forbidden West to roll out of the way of an attack.

How to Parry in Horizon Forbidden West

You cannot parry in this game. Many games like Sekiro and Metroid dread allow you to parry. This is a very crucial mechanism in both of these games. It would be really nice if Aloy had the ability to parry attacks using her spear. But sadly this feature is also missing. But you can still take out the enemies in this game without block and parry. And it adds a unique challenge. So while these mechanisms might be missing, this game is designed in such a way that not only can you defeat the enemies but eliminate them in other interesting ways.

How to Avoid enemy attacks

The best way to avoid enemy attacks is by rolling to the side before the attack connects. Alternatively, you can also sprint away from them. And lastly, this goes without saying but another way to avoid enemy attacks is by using ranged weapons. This will keep you out of their attack range especially if their attacks are melee, while you also get to deal them damage.

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That sums up everything you should know about how to block and parry in Horizon Forbidden West and avoid enemy attacks. If you have just started playing this game then you should check our guide on the best skills to unlock early and examine the machine carcass bug fix. You can also check our Horizon Forbidden West guides to get help with other topics in this game.