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BitLife: How to Complete The Valentine’s Challenge

Here's a quick guide on how to complete Valentine's Day challenge in BitLife.

The latest challenge added in BitLife is Valentine’s Day. Similar to every week’s challenge, players will need to complete this challenge to move forward in the game. BitLife Valentine’s Day challenge tasks players to cheat on a lover, break an engagement and marry someone who you hardly know for a year.

Since the challenge has just added in BitLife, there are tons of players who have been wondering how to complete Valentine’s Day challenge and if that’s you then look no further as we have got your back.


How to Complete The Valentine’s Challenge in BitLife

To complete Valentine’s Day challenge in BitLife, players will need to do the first thing is marrying someone who you barely know for a year. This can easily be done if you have a lot of money but it requires a bit of process to do so.

Yes, you will have to go on a date with the person who you want to marry and propose as soon as possible. If she accepts your proposal, you are good to go but if she declines, you will have to find someone else and repeat the same process until someone accepts your proposal.


Once married, you will have to celebrate your 50th anniversary by ageing up, which is mandatory for completing Valentine’s Day challenge in BitLife. As soon as you do this, you must get credit for the objective and move on to the next task, renewing your vows.

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In order to renew your vows, you will need to head into the relationships tab and select Spouse. Scroll down until you see an option called Renew Vows. Clicking on this option will pop up a screen saying that you and your wife have successfully renewed your wedding vows.


The next step is to cheat on your lover. To do so, go into the Activities section and select the Love and then select Hook Up option and complete the on-screen tasks.

The last step to complete Valentine’s Day challenge in BitLife is to call of an engagement, which can’t be completed without divorcing your current spouse. To divorce your spouse in BitLife, you will have to tap on his or her name and select the Divorce option and go into the Love Section and find someone to date.

Now, buy a beautiful ring ensuring they accept the engagement or you will have to repeat this until you find someone who will say YES. Once engaged, tap on your Fiancee’s name and select Cancel Engagement. 


That’s all you need to know about how to complete Valentine’s Day challenge in BitLife. We’ve got more Bitlife guides for you that you can check out: