Bitlife: How To Get Rid Of HIV?

Here’s how to get rid of HIV in Bitlife

Bitlife is another life simulator game, what makes it stand out is how realistic it is. Players can build a life, choose the school they go to but the realistic factor kicks in when you reach your 20’s and the occupations start to open up. You can all things one can do in real life like being a YouTuber, professional athlete, etc. To make it even more realistic your character can also catch diseases, some curable some incurable. HIV is one such disease that can be difficult to deal with even in Bitlife, but there might a way to cure it in the game. Let’s see how to get rid of HIV in Bitlife.

How To Get Rid Of HIV In Bitlife?

how to get rid of HIV BItlife 2
Curing diseases in Bitlife is very simple and much like the real world. While many diseases like food poisoning can be cured by seeing a doctor or you can wait for a year and it will disappear, HIV isn’t cured like that. Getting rid of HIV in Bitlife is fairly difficult, as soon as you experience any discomfort go meet the doctor. The doctor will give you some medicine but they might or might not work. A more effective way of getting rid of HIV is meeting the Witch doctor. Witch doctor like the name suggests practices witchcraft to cure serious diseases like HIV in Bitlife.

Witchdoctor might not treat you in the first attempt, so try visiting her each year until she treats you. She will recommend you to eat weird animal organs but trust me that works. The witch doctor is your best option if your character has HIV in the game. While it doesn’t work all the time and your character might die but it will die if you don’t visit her. There is an achievement as well which will unlock if you get a disease treated by the Witch doctor. HIV in Bitlife is very deadly so we recommend don’t have multiple hookups with your character or you might lose out on all the progress.

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