Biomutant: How To Reach Super Wung-Fu State?

Let’s see how to achieve the Super Kung-Fu state in Biomutant

The Combat in Biomutant is very well crafted and very detailed just like the character creation process. To be honest a game that follows a martial arts doing rodent on a killing spree is meant to have a Super Wung-Fu state. There are a variety of attacks players get depending upon the character type. The weapon it has, and how modified is the weapon. The Wung-Fu state is like a limited-time superpowers state where you become insanely powerful. You also unlock new attacks during the Super Wung-Fu state which can do some serious damage to the enemies. Let’s see how to reach the super Wung-Fu state in Biomutant.

How To Reach the Super Wung-Fu State In Biomutant?

how to reach the super wung fu state in Biomutant 2
To reach the super Wung-Fu state you will need to dish out three special attacks in a short period during battle. Do keep in mind that only certain special attacks will make you reach the super Wung-Fu state. To check which attacks will help you reach the super Wung-Fu state. Open the Wung-Fu tab on the home screen and go through all the attacks. The attacks that can help will have it written in their description. Some of these attacks are the “Unstoppable pig” and the “Unknowable force” if you are using a Dual wield melee. Your weapon and if it is double-handed or single-handed will decide the special attacks you get.

During a fight, if you use any of these specials you will see a small bar come up near your character. The bar will fill every time you do the attack. After using three such attacks you will be able to attain the Super Wung-Fu mode. Once you see the bar is full press the L1 and R1 buttons together and you will reach the Super Wung-Fu mode. While you are in that mode you will get 4 special attacks you can use. The screen will have the controls so it won’t be difficult to figure out. The Super Wung-Fu mode won’t last for very long so use it wisely.

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