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How to Get And Farm Psi-Points Easily In Biomutant?

Farm PSI Points in Biomutant and gets easy Light and Dark aura. Unlock the new PSI Abilities Guide using the PSI points.

Want help with how to get Light and Dark Aura easily in Biomutant? Well for this you will have to farm PSI Points in Biomutant. You will see that there are a couple of ways to upgrade your character and assign him skills. Mutations are one of the most useful things to do so and they have something called Psi-Powers. You can get Psi-Powers in Biomutant by using Psi-Points as currency. Psi-Powers are more elite abilities than any other you will need to get a lot of Psi-Points in Biomutant.

How to Earn PSI-Points in Biomutant?


Psi Powers Biomutant

Psi-Powers are rewarded to the players when they interact with shrines that are scattered around the map of Biomutant. They are very common to find around and will give you PSI-points in Biomutantjust by interactions. The players can also get more PSI-Points by the decisions that they make in the game, irrespective of them being good or bad decisions.

Psi-Powers are directly related to the aura that you are opting for. We have a guide on Aura that will help you understand the mechanics of light and dark aura. But basically, every choice that you will make will give you either light aura point or dark aura points. Light aura points will be gained when you make a right, peaceful, and ethical decision that is morally correct.


Dark aura points on the other will be gained when the decisions completely against the morality, dark, and unethical that will cause destruction and havoc in general. So even though you have PSI-points in Biomutant, it is these aura points that you need to collect in order to actually unlock the Psi-Powers. Both the auras have powers that are specific to them and players can check the skill they want and gather the aura points accordingly.

So that is all for our article on how to get Psi points in Biomutant. If you would like to know about the Mercenary class DLC in the game, make sure you check that article out too.