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Light Aura v/s Dark Aura In Biomutant

This guide will help you chose between light aura and dark aura in Biomutant.

You can choose to walk down between two paths in the Biomutant game. You can be right and be a hero by choosing the righteous decisions and then you can be plain evil or dark. It will influence your gameplay and change the direction and the response of the entire game and the characters in it. Major turning points in the game revolve around what personality your character has adopted. This personality of your character is called Aura. In this guide, we will tell you all you need to know about Aura in Biomutant.

A Guide on Light Aura and Dark Aura in Biomutant


This guide will help you choose the path between the light v/s the dark aura in the Biomutant and its consequences.

How does Aura Work on Biomutant?

There are two types of Aura, the ‘light’ and the ‘dark’. As soon as you will begin the game, you will be asked the following questions:


  • I’m Dark Red, as in strength and power‘.
  • Color me Light Blue, for freedom and loyalty’.

The first one is the path with a dark aura and the second with a light aura. To keep your aura in check, you will have two floating characters on you all the time who are your inner voices. A black character and a white one that will pretty much act like the angel and devil on each shoulder. The more decisions you make, the more you will progress your darkness or light aura. You will go through these stages of Aura in Biomutant:

  • Light > Somewhat Light> Maximum Light.
  • Dark > Somewhat Dark > Maximum Dark.


How is the Character Aura Affected?


You will evolve on the paths mentioned above depending on what choices you make in Biomutant. Decisions that are good peaceful, helping, and in general good decisions will give you light aura points. Similarly, dark, harsh, cruel, and in general bad decisions will earn you dark aura points. Specifically, wildlife, captives, temples, public prisoner events, and dialogue will affect the aura of your character in Biomutant. Your character will also have a separate child aura for the gameplay that revolves around the players playing as a child in the game. You will get Aura points for every decision that you take in the game.


How will Aura Affect my Gameplay?

Dark Aura Skil

Your character in Biomutant will have powers that are tied to your aura and are exclusive to that aura only.

If you have a dark aura, you will have the following Psi Powers:

  • Sizzleball – 4 Psi points and 10 Dark Aura
  • Telekinesis – 10 Psi Points and 20 Dark aura
  • Skyspark – 18 Psi Points and 30 Dark Aura

For Light Aura, your character will have the following skills:

  • Freeze – 6 Psi Points and 10 Light Aura
  • Levitate – 10 Psi Points and 20 Light Aura
  • Ki Spark – 16 Psi Points and 309 Light Aura

How Will the Light vs the Dark Aura Affect my Biomutant Ending?

Tree Of Life

The main aspect of Biomutant that will be affected by your aura is at the end of the game. The core of Biomutant is the tree of life. If you choose the light aura, your goal would be to save the tree and if you choose the dark aura, you will kill this tree in Biomutant.

So that is all for our article on Aura in Biomutant. If you would like to know how to get Bio Points in the game, make sure you check that article out too.