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How to Change Tribe in Biomutant – Leave and Switch To New Tribe

Let’s see how to change tribes in Biomutant

Tribes are an important part of the main storyline of Biomutant. At the beginning of the game, players choose to be a part of one of the six tribes. This directly impacts the main storyline they will experience. Not just the main storyline but there are certain weapons and armors as well which are tribe-specific in the game. The tribe you are part of effects the game majorly, but sometimes you aren’t happy with Tribe you are in and want to change. Let’s see if you can change your tribe in Biomutant.

Can You Change Your Tribe In Biomutant?


Yes, you can change your tribe in the game. To change your tribe all you have to do is enter the fort of the Tribe you want to join. Talk to the Sifu there and exhaust all the dialogue options, after the conversation you will be a member of that tribe. Players should note that you can change your tribe in the game but you can’t just leave a tribe. You can only leave a tribe by joining another one as you have to compulsorily be in a tribe in Biomutant. Everything in this game is very detailed and borderline complicated and there are some complications with changing tribes as well.

Biomutant tribe

Players can’t directly join a tribe that is the rival of your current tribe. This adds a layer of complexity but there is a way around this. All you have to do is join some third tribe that is not your rival tribe and then you can join the tribe you originally wanted to.


  • What is Myriad Tribe? – Myraids in Biomutant uses Boomerang. It is slow but has a high damage rate. It is also an weapon of accuracy.
  •  What is Jagni Tribe? – Jagni in Biomutant uses Staff, a melee weapon with the power of combos.

The process of joining a tribe remains the same for every tribe. Usually, players change tribe because they don’t adhere to the ideologies of the tribe. Most players also change tribes to get access to new tribe-specific weapons which otherwise would have been difficult to procure.

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