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What Are The Best Breed And Class Combos In Biomutant?

This guide will help you to choose a class and breed for your character in Biomutant.

Biomutant has finally released and it’s the breeds and classes that have caught the attention of the players immediately.   Your character breed is important! What you choose as your class in Biomutant will affect the game drastically. So, we have a guide here explaining all the breeds and classes of Biomutant which will help you chose a breed class combo in the game.

Biomutant Breeds And Classes


Each breed will have different stats. These are the stats that will change as per your breed choice:

  • Vitality – Health and armor.
  • Strength – Melee Damage.
  • Intellect – Power, Ki Energy, and Energy regen.
  • Agility – Move speed.
  • Charisma – Barter.
  • Luck – Critical chance and loot chance.

Breeds In Biomutant


Breed Biomutant

Primal is a little bit of everything. It does not have a specific style and is really just a mixture of all the stats in an average amount. For players who just want a little bit of everything can opt for this character.

  • Strength – None
  • Weakness – None



Dumdon will be ideal for players who have a melee combat style of attacking. So players who are into close-range attacks, choose Dumdon.

  • Strength – Melee Damage
  • Weakness – Energy regen and Crit chance



Rex is intelligent and hence if you are a player that has a strategic and planned gameplay, Rex will be the choice for you. If you are a beginner in Biomutant, choose Rex as your breed.

  • Strength – Overall Intellect
  • Weakness – Melee Damage


Hyla is a damage-taking breed and will absorb more damage than the other breeds and is a tank. If you are aggressive and headfirst with your gameplay, choose Hyla

  • Strength – Vitality
  • Weakness – Intellect


Players who are more sonic-focused in the game should pick Fip.

  • Strength – Intellect
  • Weakness – Vitality


Murgel is a build you will opt for if you are expecting increased loot chances, charisma, and crit. This breed will be helpful if you wish to concentrate more on upgrading and customizing your weapon and gear, having more of a crafting approach to the game.

  • Strength – Luck and Charisma
  • Weakness – Intellect

Classes In Biomutant

Class Biomutant

Choose your class in Biomutant wisely as you cannot change the class once selected midgame.

  • Dead-Eye – Best for long-range weapon users with a gun and a two-handed sword as a weapon.
  • Commando – Best for long-ranged attacks with an automatic rifle as a weapon.
  • Psi-Freak – Best for long-ranged attacks with a gun and a sword as weapons.
  • Saboteur – Best for mid-range attacks with a pistol and Spark Gloves as weapons.
  • Weapon – Closed range combat with melee dual wield skill.
  • Sentinel – Best for melee combat two-handed crush weapon and pistol as weapons.

What Breed Class Combination Should you Choose in Biomutant?

Given the breed you choose, match the following class with it for the best breed class combo in Biomutant.

  • Primal – Dead-eye or the Saboteur class.
  • Dumdon – Saboteur and Sentinel class.
  • Rex – Psi-Freak class.
  • Hyla – Sentinel class.
  • Fip – Psi-Freak class.
  • Murgel – Any class except the Psi-Freak.

The class however does not affect the weapon that your character can use in Biomutant. You can choose any weapon you like irrespective of the breed chosen.

So that is all for our article on classes and breeds in Biomutant and what combo is the best. If you would like to know how to get Bio Points in the game, make sure you check that article out too.

This open-world game is not just a basic open-world RPG, it has numerous aspects to it. The game has this unique edge about it that makes it revolve around you as a character and not the other way round. This highly depends on the way you customize your character at the start of the game. Every aspect that you choose to customize will mold the game a similar way further in the gameplay.