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Biomutant: How To Beat Porky Puff Easily

Beat the Porky Puff boss by aiming fire at its legs and head.

Porky Puff is the first World Eater Boss you will face in Biomutant. This boss fight will take place in 2 separate stages. It isn’t a typically long boss fight and you will be able to get rid of Porky Puff pretty easily. So, let’s find out how to beat the first boss in Biomutant.

How to beat Porky Puff World Eater in Biomutant


  • To beat Porky Puff make sure you concentrate your attacks on the tiny brains that pop up on its legs and head.
  • In the initial phase of the attack, shoot at the ones on Porky’s legs which will incapacitate him for a short period.
  • Once he’s down and out you will be able to see another brain-like feature on its head.
  • You can also place mines next to its body by pressing the Square or X button on PlayStation and XBOX accordingly.
  • Trigger these mines by clicking the R2 or RT  button on PlayStation or XBOX respectively.
Biomutant: How To Beat The Porky Puff Boss
Look for the tiny lesions on the body of Porky Puff.

The first half of the fight takes place in the water. During this fight, Porky Puff will even send giant waves of water barreling towards you. It is wise to dodge these as they can deal a good amount of damage in general. In between, you will also find that Porky dives under the water and will attack by jumping out. Even one hit can prove to be fatal so do watch out. So, stack up on healing items.


For the second phase of the fight, you will have an easy go at things. Porky Puff is pretty slow on land and you will be able to get through this phase easily. Watch out for the dust waves and you can dodge them with ease. Make sure to stay away from Porky Puff and use ranged attacks to your benefit.

This is everything you need to know about how to beat Porky Puff in Biomutant. Want the fight to go easier for you? Find out how to upgrade weapons in the game.