Best Weapons In Meet Your Maker (Volt Lancer, Sledgeblade & More)

Here is a ranked list of the best weapons to use in Meet Your Maker.

Meet Your Maker has given the gaming community a new refreshing concept that was never seen before in the FPS genre. The objective of the game is raid Outposts of other players while also building one and defending it. If you have just started the game, you will need to complete several raids to earn enough resources to make your own Outpost. And that would be extremely difficult if you do not know the best weapons in Meet Your Maker. Check out our guide below to know the best ranged and melee weapons in the game.

Best Weapons in Meet Your Maker (Tier List)

volt lancer ranged weapon

The starter weapon loadout of Volt Lancer and Sledgeblade are simply the best in Meet Your Maker. However, the other three weapons – Fury’s Edge, Falconic Plasmabow and Arc Barrier are quite powerful in their own right as well. It all depends on how you approach each Raid and also your playing style. Check out a tier list of all the five weapons in the game below:

  • Tier S – Volt Lancer, Sledgeblade
  • Tier A – Arc Barrier, Fury’s Edge
  • Tier B – Falconic Plasmabow

Best Ranged Weapon in Meet Your Maker

The best ranged weapon in Meet Your Maker is the Volt Lancer itself. It uses Electromagnetic bursts to propel bolts at a frightening speed. And my favorite bit about the Volt Lancer is its ability to destroy traps at Outposts. You know how frustrating it can get not only dealing with guards but the numerous traps as well. Well, the Volt Lancer can make things simple by allowing you to destroy traps from range. Other than that, you can also use the Falconic Plasmabow in Meet Your Maker. It has a good fire rate and decent magazine size, however, the Plasmabow is unable to destroy traps.

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Best Melee Weapon

The Sledgeblade is surely the best melee weapon in the game. It has the ability to cut through armor – which is especially important against heavily armored guards. However, if you want a light melee weapon that also has the ability to block projectiles, then Fury’s Edge should be your weapon of choice. Finally, we also have the Arc Barrier, which is not actually a weapon but a shield. It is capable of blocking any kind of attack including explosives.

That’s all you need to know about the best weapons in Meet Your Maker. If this guide helped you, then check out how to get Weapons & Suits and how to play Co-Op Mode in our Meet Your Maker section.