How To Get/Buy New Traps In Meet Your Maker

Here is how to get new Traps in Meet Your Maker.

Don’t know how to get new Traps in Meet Your Maker? Then let us help you out. In Behaviour Interactive’s latest FPS, your job is to raid enemy outposts and also build one for yourself. For successful raids, you will require the best armor and weapons. However, if you want to defend your Outpost, the single most important things are Traps. So, if you have just built your first Outpost, this guide will show you how you can purchase Traps.

How to Get New Traps in Meet Your Maker

outpost traps meet your maker

In-game resources will help you get new traps in Meet Your Maker. These resources are earned through raiding enemy outposts or building your own outpost. To get more traps, simply go and meet the Trap Advisor Prota at your Sanctuary. You can then purchase the traps you like from her with the resources you have collected.

Once you have raided other outposts, you will gather enough resources to build one of your own. Remember that a good Outpost requires complicated routes, placing Guards at the right places, and most importantly – Traps. Your Outpost will crumble within moments if you don’t have the best traps equipped. Traps will thwart the attempts of Raiders thereby keeping your Outpost as unassailable as possible. Once your Outpost is active, keep checking back for any defeated Raiders. This can be done by entering the Build Mode in Meet Your Maker. By choosing this option, you can hover around your own Outpost and pick up the resources left behind by defeated Raiders.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get new Traps in Meet Your Maker. We hope that this guide was able to clear all your doubts. If you’re new to the game, visit our Meet Your Maker section for more helpful guides like these!