Best Weapons And Guns From Each Category In Redfall

Here are the best guns and weapons you can use to be as overpowered as possible in Redfall.

Redfall has one of the best selections of different types of guns and other weapons. The co-op shooter offers a wide variety of ways to take your enemies down. Whether it be a basic handheld pistol or a weird UV beam ray shooter, it has it all. The variety allows for different playstyles and roles to be implemented within your team of friends as you play. This also creates an exciting progression as you unlock and play with different guns and weapons.

Best Guns and Weapons to Use in Redfall

best weapons redfall

Listed below are some of the best weapons, all from each different type of gun type, that you can use in Redfall:

  • Death Spiral
  • Yokai
  • Cass Special
  • Lockjaw
  • UV Beam M01

Let’s learn more in detail about each one of them.

Death Spiral

The Death Spiral is a classic old reliable pistol. Compared to other pistols in the game, this one packs a heavy punch. It comes with only 5 bullets per magazine which means the damage per bullet is quite high.


If you are that one long-range sniper player that is in every co-op team, this one is for you. The Yokai is a menacing sniper that packs a devastating punch. It is the classic bolt action sniper that fires at a slow fire rate but packs enough punch in each bullet to almost eviscerate your enemies. it is hands-down the best sniper weapon to use in Redfall

Cass Special

The Cass Special is a great all-around assault rifle but excels at long range too. If you are not really a sniper kind of guy but still want to keep a safe distance, well this one is for you. It also rewards extra damage on landing headshots with it.


The high-damage shotgun Lockjaw offers a lot of power to the hands that wield it. It also features a unique design on its body, unlike other shotguns. It even has a special ability to give you 15% of your health back when you stake a vampire with it.

UV Beam M01

One of the most unique and wacky weapons in the game, the UV Beam M01 is a weapon unlike any other. It fires a concentrated beam of laser that can tear apart groups of enemies very quickly. However, it is not as much of a good choice for trying to kill singular powerful enemies.

Those are all the best weapons and guns in Redfall. Once you get these weapons you might want to know how to clear the red mist in Redfall and how to unlock and use Stake in Redfall.