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New World Best Weapon Combos And All Weapons List

There are a handful of weapons in New World. In this guide, learn all the best weapon combos for New World.

New World is an MMO game where you explore the land of Aeternum. And it can be foolhardy to explore this land without the knowledge of weapons. In this game, you can switch between two weapons and adapt according to the environment. Each weapon also has its skill tree. Therefore it is very important to know which weapons you should carry with you on your journey. So in this guide let us take a look at the Best Weapon Combos in New World and all weapons list.

New World Best Weapon Combos


best weapon combos new world

There are a lot of weapon combos that you can try in New World based on your playstyle. Here are my suggestions for the best weapon combos. Be sure to mix them around if a certain combo doesn’t exactly fit your playstyle.

  • Raw Strength Combos for physical damage:
    • Sword (and shield) and Great Axe
    • Hatchet and War Hammer
  • Balanced combos for physical damage:
    • Rapier and War Hammer
    • Spear and Hatchet
  • High Dexterity combos for melee physical damage:
    • Rapier and Spear
  • ranged and melee combos for physical damage:
    • Sword (and shield) and Bow
    • Great Axe and Musket
    • Rapier and Bow
    • Spear and Bow
  • Ranged combos for physical and magic damage:
    • Fire Staff and Musket
    • Ice Gauntlet and Bow
  • Ranged and melee combos for physical and magic damage:
    • Hatchet and Life Staff
    • Great Axe and Fire Staff

All weapons in New World

In case you plan to make your own weapon combo, it is important to know what weapons does the game offer you. Below are all the weapons that you can wield in New World.

  • One-Handed Weapons:
    • Sword (and shield)
    • Rapier
    • Hatchet
  • Two-Handed Weapons:
    • Spear
    • Great Axe
    • War Hammer
  • Ranged Weapons:
    • Bow
    • Musket
  • Magic Weapons:
    • Fire Staff
    • Life Staff
    • Ice Gauntlet

That covers this guide on New World best weapon combos and all weapons list. If you like playing this game be sure to check out our other guides on how to get more transfer tokenshow to transfer servers, and the best weapons Tier list in New World.