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Elden Ring Best Way To Spend Runes

Keep losing your runes in Elden Ring, and are looking for a better way to spend them? Check out this guide to learn better ways to use them.

While playing Elden Ring you will get runes each time you eliminate a foe, but what is the best way to spend them? If you have this question then you are not alone. You can very easily lose runes if you don’t spend them. Thankfully though they are simple to use. So in this guide let us check the best way to use them.

Best Way to Spend Runes in Elden Ring


elden ring best way to spend runes

The best way to spend runes in Elden Ring is by leveling up your character. Other than doing this runes serve very little purpose in the game. While that might make it sound not worth the effort but runes are extremely important.

  1. Fast Travel to any site of grace.
  2. Rest there.
  3. Next from the menu choose Level up.
  4. Now, increase the level of the stat which you want to improve for your character.
  5. The improved change will not be very big so don’t get disappointed to see your stat increase just by a small number in exchange for thousands of runes.


While leveling up is an option that doesn’t mean Runes don’t have any other use.

Upgrade Weapons:

This is an important and maybe even an overlooked use of the Runes. You can upgrade your weapon at a Smithing table, or with the help of Smithing Master Hewg or Iji.


  • Smithing Table: Fast Travel to the Church of Elleh and you can find it directly behind the site of grace.
  • Master Hewg: Go to the Roundtable Hold. On your map, you can see it as the Table of Lost Grace. You can find the Smithing Master Hewg here.
  • Master Iji: You can find him in the north-western area of the Liurnia of the Lakes. His location is very close to Kingsrealm Ruins.

Last but not least, there is another way to spend runes, and that is for purchasing items. Let’s say your character is of a high level hence you will need a ton of runes to level up. You have a good amount of runes but you know if you take the next boss fight or enemy then you will lose them all. In such a case use it to purchase items, the best purchase would be to buy arrows or bolts. Crafting them is an option but why farm for resources when you can buy them.

That covers everything you should know about the best way to Spend Runes in Elden Ring. I also suggest you check our guide on how to git gud in the game to enjoy it better.