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Elden Ring: How To Git Gud

Playing Elden Ring but everyone keeps telling you to git gud? Well, this guide will help you out with it.

When you start playing Elden Ring, many players will tell you to git gud. And this term is not limited to just Elden Ring, you need to git gud if you want to play any Soulsborne game. As you might have guessed, “Git Gud” is nothing but the slang for “get good” since these games are not the easiest ones out there. So if you are wondering how exactly do you get better at this game, don’t worry. In this guide, let us take a look at how to git gud at Elden Ring.


How to Git Gud at Elden Ring

elden ring git gud

You can git gud at Elden Ring by playing the game more and learning it. I know this sounds very cheesy and vague but allow me to explain it better. Soulsborne series have always been notorious for their difficulty but once you start understanding the mechanics you will enjoy the games better. Below are the things you should be mindful about when you are trying to git gud.


  • Prepare to Die
  • Observe fight patterns
  • Be ready to lose runes
  • Level up your character
  • Learn your playstyle
  • Upgrade your weapons

Let’s check what these points mean.

Prepare to Die – Elden Ring Git Gud


Taking a reference from Dark souls, it very much also applies to Elden Ring. Death is an important part of the game and you will get the “You Died” screen more often than you would like. But hey, failing or dying (in this case) is the process of learning. So don’t go under the hopes of eliminating bosses on the first try. If you can that is great, if you can’t then that is normal.

Observe fight patterns

Each enemy be it a boss, mini-boss or minion has an attack pattern. So while minions are easy to deal with, bosses aren’t quite easy. Whenever you start a boss fight pay attention to how the boss attacks. You can look out for things like ranged or melee attacks. Look out for combos, something that will help you block or dodge enemy attacks. Once you start getting familiar with the attack pattern, look for openings and then attack the boss. You may start by chipping away their health, but eventually, you will deal them loads of damage.


Be ready to lose runes

While traversing you may suddenly get attacked by enemies and end up losing all your runes. The only way you can prevent rune loss is by timely spending it. You can level up your character, buy or upgrade weapons and other items. But no matter how careful you are, there is a high chance you will lose your runes especially if you enter a boss fight unknowingly.

Level up your character – Git Gud at Elden Ring

Level up your character’s stats based on your class. If you are new to the series then you could try a Vagabond or Warrior class. These classes are beginner-friendly and initially, you can focus all your stat upgrades for Vigor, Strength, Endurance, and Dexterity. If you pick some other class then look for which stats are recommended to upgrade for them.

Learn your playstyle

This game has many different classes and they play out differently. You should try different classes and builds to see if you find yourself comfortable with their attacks. For all you know you could be better at melee but are using sorcery or vice versa.

Upgrade your weapons

This is an overlooked part of the game. You can’t always get better weapons every time so it is best if you start upgrading them. See the weapon you use frequently and if you plan on keeping it. If you already have such a weapon then upgrade it to make it even better.

For a new player, the game can be quite overwhelming, so it is normal if you find it difficult. The above tips are general and basic but if you use them you will see a big difference in your gameplay. And once you get more and more into the game, learn more mechanics like the different damage types, builds, stats, and more.

That covers this guide on how to git gud in Elden Ring. Head over to our Elden Ring section as we have many more guides on things that you might be looking to learn like boss fights, builds, and more.