Best Minecraft 1.19 Village Seeds (Bedrock & Java Edition)

Read this guide to know about the best Minecraft 1.19 Village Seeds.

There are times when you can start losing interest in Minecraft after conquering so many worlds. During such situations, Minecraft seeds can help create new worlds for you to build and explore. While some of them are calming, the others are surely going to make you sweat. If you’re up for the challenge, then here are the best Minecraft Village seeds that can make your playing experience more enjoyable.

Note: These seeds are meant to work on Minecraft 1.19 Bedrock Edition and Java Edition only. 

Best Minecraft Village Seeds [2023]

  • Coastal Beach Village Seed: 4159132087736349043
  • Zombie Village Seed: 1808205616
  • Snowy Village Seed: 3848164776599247812

village seeds minecraft 1.19

Coastal Beach Village in Minecraft

  • Seed code: 4159132087736349043

There is a plethora of ocean-based features in this village. There is an ocean monument and a large mushroom biome not too far away. Moreover, there is another reason why this makes our list of the best Minecraft village seeds. This village is also a dwelling place to one of the most unique sets of animal species in the game.

Zombie Village

  • Seed code: 1808205616

The first on our list is also infamously called the Village of Danger. There is a pillager outpost as well as a zombie dungeon right below the outpost. All this amongst innocent villagers and allays. Your job is to free this Mountain village from zombies and pillagers. But that’s not it, you will also need to fix some structural defects and flooding issues.

Snowy Village

  • Seed code: 3848164776599247812

Lastly, we have the Snowy Village seed. This is by far the best village seed in the game. It is actually located at the cliff of a snowy mountain. There is a breathtaking mountain crater at the top as well. The most astonishing part is that every house in this village keeps on ascending to a higher level. There’s no looking down, quite literally! Once you make your way to the top, you will notice an incredibly positioned blacksmith waiting for you.

These are all the best Minecraft Village seeds of 2023. If you found this helpful, you may also like the best Cave Seeds or the best Coral Reef Seeds in Minecraft.