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Minecraft 1.19 Best Cave Seeds

Here are the best Cave Seeds for Minecraft 1.19 Java and Bedrock editions.

In the 1.18 version of Minecraft, Caves received a complete overhaul so players are looking for the Best Cave Seeds in the 1.19 update. The Seeds in this game represent certain worlds. By using them, you can create a new world with the contents of that seed. Some of the best loot in the game is located in Lush Caves. However, the good ones can be hard to find and you will have to spend hours looking for them. To help you locate them, we will give you the best seeds to use.


Best Minecraft 1.19 Cave Seeds for Bedrock and Java

Enter Seeds in Minecraft Settings

Since the Cliffs and Caves Part 2 update, the seeds will generate the same terrain for both the Java and Bedrock editions. The only difference will be the location of structures like the villages. That won’t affect the places where caves are formed. These are our top picks for the best Minecraft 1.19 Cave Seeds for Bedrock and Java editions:

  • Dark Forest Lake Seed: 716316887
  • Pillager Temple Seed: 534273195
  • Bamboo Junge Seed: 3451641282212177142
  • Plains and Meadow Biome Seed: -8378097926847863741
  • Taiga Island Village Seed: -2493285298449985520

Dark Forest Lake Seed

  • Seed: 716316887
  • Coordinates: 60, -60

In this world, you will find a beautiful lake by the cliffs near your spawn. And within these cliffs, you will find a dark forest lush cave. If you have a Java edition, you can also find Mineshaft within this cave. Definitely, the one world you should check out.


Pillager Temple Seed

  • Seed: 534273195
  • Coordinates: 50, -50

Here, you spawn on the edge of a Lush Cave. Moreover, you will also find a coral reef in the ocean by the cave. But the best part about this Cave Seed is that you will find a Pillager outpost right above the Desert Temple. Apart from the loot, the sight is one you should not miss.

Bamboo Jungle Seed

  • Seed: 3451641282212177142
  • Coordinates: -100, -137

This is a beautiful world covered with Bamboo Jungles. Along with a Lush Cave, you will also find a Shipwreck nearby. And locating the cave is easy as well. Look for a turquoise-colored pillar and you will find the entrance to one of the largest lush caves.


Plains and Meadow Biome Cave Seed

Lush Cave Entrance in Plains and Meadow Biome seed

  • Seed: -8378097926847863741
  • Coordinates: 220, 590

In this world, you will spawn in a beautiful meadow by a river. You can cross this river to find a small plains village with a marketplace. You can mine emeralds in the nearby cave to trade with the villagers. However, to get to the Lush Cave, head back to the spawn point. From there, start moving South-East and cross the ocean. Then, you will reach a Dark Forest where you will find a turquoise column. That is the entrance to the Lush Cave in this world.


Taiga Island Village Seed

  • Seed: -8378097926847863741
  • Coordinates: -374, -10

The best part about this cave seed is that you will find two Taiga villages near the spawn point. To find the big village, you will have to cross a small part of the ocean. But it is huge and also has a ruined portal, which is always nice to have. On the spawn island, you will easily find the turquoise column marking the entrance of the Lush Cave. It may seem small but you can dig a little in the middle and you will find a bigger cavern. It contains loads of loot and creepers like Axolotls, so make sure you visit it.

These were our best choices for Cave Seeds in Minecraft 1.19 Java and Bedrock edition. You can also check out seeds for Ancient Cities and Mangrove Swamps in our Minecraft section.