Best Minecraft Ancient City Seeds (2023)

Here is the list of the best Minecraft Ancient City Seeds that you can visit.

While Minecraft 1.19 allows you to just continue building your own environment in this open world, it has added a new work of art. Ancient City now spawns under structures far and wide and they are so good, dark, and adventurous that they are difficult to find. They house unseen locations and really great loot. Such an interesting feature is bound to be hidden for players to issue a treasure hunt. Since you are here, you are also looking for the list of best Minecraft Ancient City Seeds. Well, look no further, as this guide contains the seed codes that you can use to explore.

Top Minecraft Ancient City Seeds in 2023

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There are quite a few Ancient City Seeds, some are closer to each other whilst others are far away. Nevertheless, each will be an amazing adventure to pursue, so let’s check out this list and get the best Minecraft Ancient City Seeds that you can explore.

Mountainside Village Ancient City

  • Seed Code: 4798244056301981241

The spider spawner ancient city can be accessed by using this code. It will spawn you within a few blocks of the ancient city. A mineshaft cuts through this ancient city which in itself has a spider spawner cave. There is a dungeon that players can loot on their way. You can find Sculk and some Amethyst Geode here

Ancient City Under Spawn

  • Seed Code: -4212966053895285705

The rarity and remarkable feature of this seed are that it spawns players right above the Ancient city. You can find sculk growing in abundance in this ancient city. Players can also find a sculk-covered mineshaft in this area.

Taiga Village Ancient City

  • Seed Code: -183412789913619791

Taiga Village is quite close to spawn and one of the best Minecraft Ancient City Seed. As you dig below the village, you will come across an Ancient City. There is a ruined portal on the ceiling and you can find worthy loot. Here is the big surprise with this seed. If you venture further into the Ancient City you will come across a second Ancient City which has bits and pieces of the Abandoned Mineshaft. It’s almost like an entire world if you go traveling around this Ancient City.

Minecraft Top Ancient City Seeds

Badlands Ancient City

  • Seed Code: 965005309095848990

As you use this seed, you will spawn in a savannah biome. The region contains badlands, a ruined portal, and a coral reef quite close to each other. The Ancient City is quite close underneath the spawn. A mineshaft runs around the city and you will have sufficient resources around you to explore this city.

Dripstone City

  • Seed Code: -5199312259677311412

This is one of the scary locations on this list. A dripstone cave cuts through this Ancient City and adds to the already scary look. The spawn of the seed is surrounded by snow-covered biomes, forests, plains, and mountains. The Ancient City can be accessed through one of the mountain peaks a few blocks away from spawn.

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