Minecraft 1.20: Best Coral Reef Seeds

Here are the 3 coral reef seeds that you should try in Minecraft.

The ocean biome in Minecraft has a lot to offer and you can use Coral Reef seeds to explore some of them. Coral Reefs generate in Warm Ocean biomes. These consist of various blocks like coral, coral fans, coral blocks, and sea prickles. But going about finding one in the massive world can take you a lot of time till you come across one. So in this guide check out the best coral reef seeds to use in Minecraft 1.20.

Best Coral Reef Seeds for Minecraft 1.20

best coral reef seeds to use in minecraft

The 3 best coral reef seeds to use in this game are:

  • 14000003: Near Badlands Seed
  • -3017594135420764773: Near Desert Village Seed
  • 12000039: Near Mangrove Seed

Near Badlands Seed

Seed code: 14000003

This seed is good because it offers two amazing biomes at the same time. You spawn in Badlands which is a rare biome to come across in this game. The next good thing is it is also closer to a Desert. But the real reason you want to use it is the Coral Reefs. And this seed won’t disappoint you with that because it spans a ton of blocks of Coral reefs here. The moment you spawn you can find Coral Reefs nearby just after exploring a bit.

Near Desert Village Seed

Seed code: -3017594135420764773

Villages are very important in Minecraft if you are looking for easy access to resources. But what if you also wanted to have Coral reefs near the village you spawn in? That is where this seed comes in. Unlike the previous seed, the coral reefs aren’t super close to your spawn location. But finding them isn’t tough either.

Near Mangrove – Best Coral Reef Seed for Minecraft 1.20

Seed Code: 12000039

If you prefer exploring a Mangrove biome then this seed is perfect for you. Here not only do you get to witness Shipwreck in the reefs. But you can also explore Mangrove swamps. After a little bit of traversing, you can even find a Desert temple in the vicinity. There is a lot you can do here. And it is safe to say out of all 3 seeds here this has the best coral reefs you can witness. Thus it is one of the best seeds you can use in this version to enjoy the game to the fullest.

How to Use Seeds in Minecraft

You can use a seed while creating a new world by entering the above series of numbers in the Advanced Settings.

  1. Launch Minecraft.
  2. Create a New World.
  3. Go to the Advanced settings.
  4. Now, enter any of the above seeds in the World Seed.
  5. Finally, create a new world and you will spawn in a world that has a biome based on the seed you used.

That covers this guide on the best coral reef seeds to use in Minecraft 1.20. Since you like playing this game you should also check our guides on the best cave seeds and how to Speedrun Minecraft. And for more things about this game check out our Minecraft section.