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Minecraft: How To Speedrun (Any% Glitchless Run)

Here is how you can speedrun Minecraft.

Minecraft is one of the most fun games to speedrun. But this game has a lot of RnG in it. Be it the location where you spawn, or the enemies you encounter. A lot of things come down to luck. And even though these mechanisms exist, that doesn’t mean you can’t beat this game quickly. So in this guide check out how to Speedrun Minecraft by doing the Any% glitchless run.


How to Speedrun Minecraft

minecraft complete steps on how to speedrun for beginners

There are two ways you can speedrun Minecraft, one is the Any% Glitchless run. As the name applies, here you don’t use any bugs or glitches that the game has. But beat the game as fast as you can. And the Any% runs are where you use bugs, exploits, and other glitches to speed up the process. For this guide, we will be doing the Any% Glitchless run. Here are all the steps for it:

  1. Find a Village: Based on the RnG and where you spawn, it can take you a while before you find a village. Once you do find one, collect the following things here:
    • 6-8 beds
    • At least 4 iron, you will need them to make a bucket. This will be needed for making Obsidian blocks.
    • Next, collect wood and stone to make a crafting table and a few tools like a stone axe, shovel, and pickaxe.
    • Finally, once you have all the above items head out to find a lava pool.
  2. Find a Lava pool: A lava pool is needed because you need lava and water to make Obsidian blocks which you can then use to craft a Nether portal. Look for Deserts as they have a higher chance of having a Lava pool.
  3. Go to the Nether: Using the Obsidian blocks make a Nether Portal and go to the Nether. This trip is important as you need to get here to collect gold fast. Collect 40 Gold ingots and use them for trading with Piglins to get at least 12 Ender Pearls.
  4. Get Blaze Rods: Getting Ender Pearls is good as you have half of the ingredients needed for making the Ender eyes. Next, you need to collect 12 Blaze Rods. You can do that by defeating Blazes. Find a Nether Fortress as they have a high chance of having a blaze spawner.
  5. Craft Ender Eyes: After having 12 Blaze rods turn them into Blaze powder. Next, use 12 Blaze powder and Ender Pearls to craft 12 Ender Eyes. You need these to activate and use the Ender Portal.
  6. Find & Use the Ender Portal: You can use Ender eyes to find the location of where the Ender Portal is. Simply throw the Ender eyes and follow the direction it looks at to get to the Stronghold where you can find the Ender Portal.
  7. Defeat the Ender Dragon: Next all you need to do is defeat the Ender Dragon. And the fastest way you can do this is by using a method called “one-cycling the Ender Dragon”. This will use the beds you collected while in the village at the start of the run. To one-cycle the Ender Dragon:
    1. Place a bed on the Pedestal.
    2. As the dragon brings its head near the bed, make the bed explode. Make it explode at its head to deal the most damage and end the fight faster.
    3. Repeat the above 2 steps until you defeat the dragon.

Once you defeat the dragon you will beat the game.


That covers this guide on how to speedrun Minecraft. To find a village and the things you need for your run faster you can even use Seeds. Check out our guide on the best seeds for speedrunning for it. And for more help on this game check out our Minecraft guides.