Best Minecraft Seeds For Speedrunning (2023)

Do you wish to know the best Minecraft seeds for Speedrunning? Check them out right here

Speedrunning in Minecraft does seem odd as people often talk about the vastness and endless possibilities of the game, while all of that is true there is an endpoint to the game with a certain objective that must be completed. While speedrunning Minecraft is no easy feat, these seeds can help you run past all of your objectives and complete them in a fraction of your time. If you’re willing to give a Speed run in Minecraft a try, make sure to check these seeds out.

Best Minecraft Speedrun Seeds

Best Minecraft Speedrun seeds will offer you tons of resources and a pretty easy way to get to the end of the game. These seeds have been used by streamers to set world records and some even give you surprises along the way. There’s no way to describe them, rather it is best that you check them out for yourself.

best minecraft speedrun seeds
Best Minecraft Speedrunning seeds will help you complete the game in minutes

Seed: -8767654563534078661

A mansion, a mesa biome, and lava combine together to make one of the best speed-running seeds in Minecraft. All the resources that you’re going to need will be found near your spawn point as the Mansion has it all. Make sure to check out this specific seed, check everything there is about it, and once you’re ready you will literally ace past it in Minecraft.

Seed: 1156391694

As soon as you spawn in this seed you will be face to face with a village that is brimming with resources, and if you wish to get through the game in record time, all you need to do is dig down below the village and you will be right at the End Portal with only having to defeat the Ender Dragon itself. This seed has its own challenges and quirks that make it one of the best seeds to set new world records. This best Minecraft Speedrun Seed will give you a lot to think about as well as plan your perfect move.

Seed: -6798331664095837875

If you love watching Dream, the best Minecraft player on this planet, then you’ve got to love this seed in Minecraft. This seed has been used by Dream himself and it’s full of buried treasure and easily found resources. If you think you can do better than Dream, you should definitely check out this seed in Minecraft.

Seed: -4530634556500121041

Do you wish for a seed that already has a partially made Nether portal readily waiting for you with tons of resources and a massive town that will keep providing you with things that will never end? This specific seed is one of the best in the world and touted as many stating, the best Minecraft speedrunning seed.

Seed: -8767654563534078661

A Village, a Witch Hut, and even a Woodland Mansion, all can be found in this multi-functional seed for Minecraft. Gold is one of the most spawning resources in the game and you can trade it with Piglins for better equipment. This seed is restrictive but it also works as a seed for traditional survival gameplay. The duality of this seed makes it one of the best speed-running seeds in Minecraft.

These are the best Minecraft speedrunning seeds that you can get your hands on, while you’re here make sure to check out Best Minecraft Village Seeds That You Should Definitely Check Out right here on Gamer Tweak.