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Best Upgrades Guide In Gran Turismo 7

Here are some of the Best Upgrades you can put on any Car in Gran Turismo 7.

Gran Turismo 7 is an action-packed sim racing game. You will be facing against the best of the best Cars in every race. As such, you will need the Best cars as well. But having the Best Cars in Gran Turismo 7 will not cut it. You will need to have amazing, if not the Best Upgrades for your Car. In this guide, I will show you the Best Upgrades you should apply to your Car in Gran Turismo 7.

What are the Best Upgrades in Gran Turismo 7


Below listed are the Best Upgrades that you should apply to any or all of your Cars. This is a general guide of upgrades so using these will not impact you negatively. Here are the Upgrades:

Weight Reduction

weight reduction upgrade gran turismo 7


The Weight Reduction Upgrade in Gran Turismo 7 will reduce the overall weight of your Car. The more upgrades you add to your Vehicle, the heavier the Vehicle gets. This upgrade allows you to mitigate that as well as improve Acceleration, Cornering, & Braking. Perfect for all cars in general.


tires upgrade gran turismo 7


Tires are maybe the most important element in car races. Depending on the Quality & type of tire, you will be able to snatch first place in any race. So, I highly recommend you upgrade your Tires in the Early game of Gran Turismo 7. Better the Tires, the more grip you will get which will improve Handling & Cornering. For more in-depth analysis on this Upgrade, I suggest checking out our Best Tires For Rain & Dry guide.

These Upgrades are some of the best ones you can apply to your Cars in Gran Turismo 7. Each of them has 4 Stages at the minimum, each of them more expensive than the other. You can get these upgrades pretty early on and once you get to Collecter Level 7, you will be able to Unlock the Nitros System. Check out our guide on the Nitros System for more information.

This was all about the Best Upgrades in Gran Turismo 7. Hopefully, this guide has helped you.