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Gran Turismo 7 (GT7) – Best Tires For Rain & Dry

Read this guide to learn about the best tires in Gran Turismo 7.

In a game as realistic as Gran Turismo 7 (GT7), using the right tires can mean a world of a difference when it comes to winning races. The best tires can help you achieve blistering set times, while also helping you gain an edge over your opponents. However, a realistic game also indicates the presence of realistic weather conditions. The real world often features evolving weather conditions. You could go from dry to wet (rain) in barely any time. Because of this, it is imperative to ensure you have the best tires for all situations, be it sun or rain. In this guide, we will show you the best tires for GT7, while also explaining each of the types of grippy rubber available in the game.

Best Tires in Gran Turismo 7 for Dry & Rain – Comfort, Sports, Racing



Racing Tires in GT7 – Best Rain Tires

The Racing Tires in Gran Turismo 7 (GT7) are arguably the most versatile of the three. Regardless of its compound (hard, soft, medium), these tires will provide the best grip and performance when racing on a track. Using these tires means you will significantly reduce compromising on speed in the tightest of corners.


The grip on offer from these tires makes them great to use in rain.

Sports Tires in Gran Turismo 7

After Racing tires, Sports tires are the next best grippy rubber available in Gran Turismo 7. Considering how much you need to grind to get Racing tires, Sports tires seem to be the next best option.


Comfort Tires

As the name suggests, these types of tires do not particularly focus on speed or performance. They are dedicated to offering a comfortable driving experience, with a decent focus on the grip.

Hard, Medium, or Soft Tire Compounds – Which Should you Choose?


  • Soft Tires – These tires offer the best grip in Gran Turismo 7 (GT7). They tend to have less air than the others, but make navigating through smaller, tighter tracks a breeze.
  • Medium Tires – Medium tires seem to offer a middle-ground between Soft and Hard. These tires have a decent balance of air, offering grip as well as some form of durability.
  • Hard Tires – Hard Tires offer less grip, but make up for it with durability and toughness. These tires are perfect to use for Endurance races or drifting events that require tires to last torture in high-pressure situations.

So there you have it. This is all you need to know about the best tires in Gran Turismo 7. As you can see, each of these tires has different characteristics. What matters is what you wish to gain from using them. The best tires are the ones that suit your needs most.

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