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How To Buy Tires In Gran Turismo 7 (Unlock Tuning Shop)

Here's how to buy more new tires and other tuning parts in Gran Turismo 7.

If you are jumping into this racing simulation game for the first time or getting back to the franchise after years, you might wonder – how to buy tires in Gran Turismo 7? This guide will show you the way. Gran Turismo 7 has dynamic weather which means players have to really focus on the tires they are using. Do you want grip but slow speed or do you want to be faster? How do you manage when some parts of the road are wet but some are dry? You need to unlock more tires and test the performance.

How to Buy Tires in Gran Turismo 7


  • To buy tires in GT7, you need to have access to the Tuning Shop, which is a returning element from previous games. This is where you can not only purchase tires but also unlock more tuning parts to upgrade your car.
  • Players must unlock the Tuning Shop Pavilion by completing Menu Book 3. So, make sure to complete Menu Book 1 and 2 before that.
how to unlock tuning shop GT7
Unlock the Tuning shop in GT7 to buy tires and more tuning parts
  • In Menu Book 3, you have to collect the Fiat 500 F ’68, the Mini-Cooper S ’65, and the Volkswagen 1200 ’66 (Collection: European Classic Compacts). It doesn’t matter how you acquire them – you can do so by winning the races shown in the Menu book or you can head to the Used Cars Pavilion to buy them instantly.
  • Once the Tuning Shop is unlocked, you can explore the categories which are Sports, Club Sports, Semi Racing, Racing and Extreme.  You will see that the Sports gets unlocked pretty soon, but don’t worry, for the others, you simply need to keep playing and collect more cars.


how to buy tuning parts gran turismo 7

  • Based on your requirement, select the tire, check out the number of Credits required and hit Purchase. Also, don’t forget to see how the new tuning part changes the current specs of your car.
  • Once you have chosen the tires to go ahead with, buy it. They will then get fitted into your car automatically. Whenever you feel like switching things up, open up the Car Settings option in your Garage. This is where you can remove the tires or change any other tuning part.

This is basically how to buy new tires in Gran Turismo 7 based on your requirement. Here’s the list of GT7 cars, tracks, and trophies that you can check out as well.