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Best Striker Build In FIFA 23 Pro Clubs

Read this guide to learn about the best Striker build in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs.

So, let me guess, you just hopped on to FIFA 23 Pro Clubs. You choose to create the ST Character. But you don’t know where to start. Should you opt for the sheer strength and sublime finishing of Erling Haaland or the explosive speed and immaculate technical ability of Kylian Mbappe? We will help you clear all your doubts. This guide will show you how to get the best Striker Build in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs.


Best Striker Build in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs [Lengthy]

Lengthy is a term that has found its way in FIFA 23 recently. It is one of the three sprint types. Players that belong to this category are known to be absolutely overpowered in the game. These players usually have a height that exceeds 5’7” and high strength stats as well. Hence, we have created the best Lengthy Striker Build in FIFA 23:

Physical Attributes

  • Positon: ST
  • Height: 6’4”
  • Weight: 225 lbs

best striker build in fifa 23 pro clubs


Best Perks for Lengthy Striker Build

Skilled Dribbler

It will further improve your dribbling skills and will also guarantee you a flair trait.

Active First Touch

It will improve your ball control, acceleration and sprint speed while also granting a flair trait. This perk is a must-have.


As you progress and unlock a third perk slot, you should set your eyes on the Distance Shooter – one of the best perks in the game.

Best Attributes

With the skill points that you have left, try putting them to boost attributes that favour the lengthy build:



Use at least 3 Skill Points on your sprint speed which will unlock the Cheetah Archetype. As you get more skill points later on, make sure to boost the remaining attributes as well.


Max out your weak foot by using all your skill points on the right tree. Use one point each on 2x shot power and 1x weak foot ability.


Allocate a few points on Dribbling and Agility. But keep in mind that the difference between your Strength and Agility should be atleast 14.


Apply one skill point to Strength and the other to Reactions to ensure the best Striker build in FIFA 23.


Leave this skill tree empty as it has no benefits for the build you are creating.


This is pointless for a lengthy striker build. You should refrain from using any skill points here.

This sums up the best Striker Build in FIFA 23. For more tips & tricks, head over to our FIFA 23 section on Gamer Tweak.