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FIFA 23 Lengthy Players: How To Make Players Faster

Know everything about the Lengthy Players in FIFA 23.

Earlier, a new expansion was made in FIFA 22 by introducing Hypermotion Technology. However, in FIFA 23, EA has introduced the newest Hypermotion 2 Technology that makes the game more fun than ever. FIFA 23 is enhanced in every aspect from animations to controls. Moreover, one new addition in the game is the new AcceleRATE system that changes helps to distinguish the players based on their acceleration types. Developers went a few steps ahead to make the game feel more realistic. However, Controlled, Explosive, and Lengthy are those three categories of players based on their speed. The term Lengthy draws a lot more attention as such terms are supposed to be used in strength showcasing games like Rugby. Although, check out this guide to know about the Lengthy Players introduced in FIFA 23.


What is a Lengthy player in FIFA 23?

Lengthy Players in FIFA 23

You might be thinking that a Lengthy player is all about Strength and Height, but that is not it. In fact, a Lengthy player can sprint faster than any other player on the field. Such players develop speed over time if given proper distance and time. On the other hand, the Controlled and Explosive players in FIFA 23 are comparatively less proficient than a Lengthy players. This is because a Controlled player has the most basic stats and acceleration in the game. Whereas, an Explosive player always has a boosted headstart while sprinting. At first, they are the fastest but eventually, they will lose their acceleration over time. Additionally, a Lengthy player can easily carry the ball from their Goal Post to even surpass a Defender without a single pass in FIFA 23. Further, the following stat requirements should be fulfilled for a player to enter the Lengthy category:

  • Strength: Greater than or Equal to 65
  • Strength & Agility: Greater than or Equal to 14
  • Acceleration: Greater than or Equal to 55
  • Height: Greater than or Equal to 174 cm (5’9″)

How to Make a Player Lengthy

In FIFA 23, players are considered as a Lengthy players according to their stats. However, players who are not Lengthy by default can be altered and made Lengthy by using certain Chemistry types. This helps the players to fit into the requirements. Here’s how to make a Lengthy player in the game:

  1. Firstly, make sure you have the Architect Chemistry Style in the game.
  2. Further head over to any of the players in your FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) squad.
  3. Thereafter, apply the Architech Chem style to make them transform into a Lengthy player.
  4. Most of the time, the Architect Chem works, but you will have to figure out the right Chem style.
  • Following are some of the best Lengthy players in FIFA 23:
Best Lengthy Strikers Best Lengthy Midfielders Best Lengthy Defenders
Erling Haaland Casemiro Virgil van Dijk
Harry Kane Rodri Ruben Dias
Romelu Lukaku Fabinho Kalidou Koulibaly
Dusan Vlahovic Sergei Milinkovic – Savic Antonio Rudiger
Duvan Zapata Thomas Partey Aymeric Laporte

That’s all covered for the Lengthy players in FIFA 23. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our FIFA guides.