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Best Spiderman Remastered PC Mods (2023) – Suits & More

Check out some of the Best Mods for Spiderman Remastered PC.

The excitement level was at its peak when we heard about the PS4 exclusive game, Marvel’s Spiderman is re-releasing on PC as a Remastered version. This game has set a new record by selling the most number of copies by a PlayStation game re-released on PC. While we enjoy every bit of swinging and wall-crawling throughout New York, fans have already created mods to make it more fun. Here are some of the best Spiderman Remastered mods for PC that you download and try from Nexus Mods.

Best Mods for Spiderman Remastered PC

Experience the gameplay with other Spiderman costumes that have appeared in Comics, Movies, Animated Series, and Previous games. Play as some of the other characters of the Marvel Universe to double the fun. Here are our 10 must-try mods in this game:

Retro Symbiote Suit

Best Spiderman Remastered PC Mods

Appeared first on screen in 1994s Animated Spiderman TV Series, play as the Spiderman with Symbiote Suit on. This suit is similar to the costume shown in Season 1st, Episode 8th of the series. It replaces the Future Foundation Suit in the game.

Sam Raimi Suit

Best Mods for Spiderman Remastered PC

Play as Spiderman with the classic Sam Raimi suit and swing across the taller buildings of Queens. Out of other Raimi suit mods, this is more movie accurate that hits nostalgia.

Spiderman 2099

Best Mods for Spiderman Remastered PC

Put on the coolest Spiderman suit from the future that first made its appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #365 Comic series. His first on-screen appearance was on the Ultimate Spiderman Animated Series in Season 3rd, Episode 11th. Also, he appeared in the post-credit scene of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

The Human Spider

Best Mods for Spiderman Remastered PC

Crawl around the alleys of New York wearing the prototype Spiderman suit that made its appearance in the Spiderman movie, 2002. It is not accurate as there is a lense added on the mask which was supposed to be empty.

Spectacular Spiderman

Best Mods for Spiderman Remastered PC

Play as the Spectacular Spiderman wearing the Animated Series accurate suit aired in 2008 on TV. This mod has some flaws but hopefully, this mod will be improved in the future.

Spiderman Unlimited

Best Mods for Spiderman Remastered PC

This is one of the best suits wore by Peter Parker in Comics and on Television. The only flaw in this Mod is that it misses the web cape which was shown in the Animated Series.


Best Mods for Spiderman Remastered PC

Wreck havoc on the streets of New York by playing as the most chaotic and violent Symbiote, Carnage. Cletus Cassidy was the original host of Carnage who was mentally ill which made the symbiote more iconic and equally dangerous. This mod replaces the Future Foundation suit and Iron Arms by texture.

Agent Venom

Best Mods for Spiderman Remastered PC

This is the best version of Venom so far in the Marvel Universe. Flash Thompson is the only host who fully controlled the Venom Symbiote as per his will and later was called by the name, Agent Venom.


Kingpin Spiderman Mod

Play as the biggest Crime Lord of Hell’s Kitchen, Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin. Also, he is one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel Universe who was once able to kill Spiderman with his bare hands.

Stan Lee – Best Spiderman Remastered PC Mod

Stan Lee Spiderman Mod

Stanley Martin Lieber, better known as Stan Lee is the Creator of MCU who made our childhood special. This mod makes Stan Lee appear for the entire gameplay session rather for a cameo. Play as Stan Lee that replaces the Spiderman Classic Damage Suit.

These are some of the best mods you should try on Spiderman Remastered PC. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other guide on installing Stan Lee Mod.