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V Rising: Best Spells & How To Get Them

Looking for the best spells that you can use in V Rising? This list has them for you with the information on how to get them.

Using the best spells in V Rising can help you deal with enemies and bosses faster. There are many different abilities and powers that the game gives you. You unlock them as you keep playing and progressing through the game. But not all of them will be useful throughout the game. Hence in this list, we will check the best spells in V Rising and how to unlock them.

List of Best Spells for V Rising


v rising best spells list and how to get them

Here is my list of the best spells for you to use in V Rising. I have made this a separate list to focus on moves that deal magic damage and are more projectile-like attacks. So if you are looking for the best abilities in the game you should check our other list for it. Also, you might feel that the spells mentioned here are not as good and that is fine. The spells you unlock and use might suit your playstyle. The ones mentioned below are more suitable but for beginners and in the early game but can also be used later. Now let us quickly check this list.

  • Frost Bat:
    • This is a basic ability of the Frost Affinity. Shoot a projectile that looks like a bat. It will explode upon hitting the enemy and cause 100% magic damage while also inflicting the Chill effect. If an enemy is already under the chill effect by some previous attack they will freeze for 4 seconds. You unlock this ability quite early and it will be useful for early to mid-game.
  • Ice Nova:
    • Just like the previous spell it too is a basic ability of Frost Affinity. This spell lets you make an ice nova to the location you target at. It does 100% magic damage to the enemies that get hit by it and apply the chill effect on them for 5 seconds. If they are already under the chill effect then they will freeze for 4 seconds. This spell comes in handy in mid-game.
  • Sanguine Coil:
    • This spell is basic and of the Blood Affinity. Shoot your attack at any enemy to leach 40% of their health, while also dealing them 75% magic damage. If it hits an ally then they will heal by 100% of your spell power and you will heal by 40% of your spell power. This spell is good for mid-game and can also be useful in the late game when used properly.


How to Get them

You can unlock these spells by defeating V Bloods and extracting their blood. Here are the Bosses that give these spells:

Frost Bat: Beat Keely the Frost Archer
Ice Nova: Beat Frostmaw the Mountain Terror
Sanguine Coil: Beat Meredith the Bright Archer


That covers this guide on the list of best spells to use in V Rising and how to get them. If you need more help with this game then be sure to check out our V Rising guides.