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Best Forspoken Spells To Unlock In All Magic Types

Here are the best magic spells you should unlock in Forspoken.

Forspoken has a plethora of spells to unlock so players are looking for the best of them. In this action-adventure RPG, you’ll be transported to the magical and dangerous world of Athia. During your time here, you will find countless monsters and strong bosses. To stand a chance against them, you’ll need some powerful magic. This guide will tell which spells to get first.

Best Spells to Unlock in Forspoken

As you progress through the game, you can unlock new and powerful incantations from the spell tree. If you are wondering how then check out the How to Unlock Spells guide to get detailed information. That being said, let’s move on to the best of them

In Forspoken, the four kinds of magic are Purple, Red, Blue, and Green, and here are the best spells to unlock in each.

Frey’s Purple Magic (Earth)

Frey's Purple Earth Magic Spells

  • Burst Shot: One of the early skills you can upgrade to deal heavy damage to enemies. Burst Shot is a precision attack that also acts as AoE, hitting multiple enemies at once.
  • Tendril: Tendril is one of the best spells to unlock in Forspoken since it damages the enemy and heals you at the same time. This attack will conjure a magical whip slash around you, damaging and pushing the enemies back.
  • Implant: This is a great skill to use against tanky enemies or bosses. Its seeds will deplete the enemy’s health for roughly 30 seconds.

Sila’s Red Magic (Fire)

Sila's Red Fire Best Magic Spells in Forspoken

  • Blast Slice: This spell summons a fiery spear that damages the enemy and the surrounding area. However, you can also use it if you are crowded with enemies. Use this spell when you are in mid-air and it will create an AoE around you.
  • Crucible: This incantation summons a huge fiery wall in a large circle around you. Inside this circle, the Red Magic attacks are more powerful.
  • Firetrap: Using this incantation, you can create a pool of lava beneath your enemy. This is a great incantation to use against slow and bulky foes.

Prav’s Blue Magic (Water)

Prav's Blue Water Magic

  • Cataract: This spell creates a vortex of water that sucks the enemies inside and causes damage. If you have multiple enemies in front of you then you can rely on this attack to get rid of them.
  • Oubliette: With this incantation, you can create a huge ball of water and entrap the enemy within. If you are facing a strong foe with minions, entrap the stronger one and wipe out the minions to get more breathing space.
  • Up and Away: This skill allows you to escape a sticky situation and quickly switch the type of your magic. If you are surrounded by enemies, you can use this incantation to create a column of water to launch yourself into the air away from them. Moreover, it also damages enemies caught in its blast radius.

Olas’s Green Magic (Light)

Olas Green Light Best Magic Spells in Forspoken

  • Distortion: Distortion is an AoE-type spell but what makes it best in Forspoken is that it confuses the enemy. The confused enemies will take their attention off Frey and start attacking each other.
  • Tempest: This incantation will summon fatal lightning from the earth to attack enemies in a wide area. As you upgrade it, the damage and the area of attack will increase.
  • Sublimation: With this magic, you can drain the life force of your enemies and heal yourself.

That’s all from us on the best spells to unlock in Forspoken. For more helpful guides like Combat Tips for Beginners, make sure you visit our Forspoken section.